January 30, 2023

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Justin Trudeau is calling for early elections in Canada

Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, Announcing early elections for September 20, two years after the first federal election last Sunday (15), predicts that the country is going through a “historic” moment with the epidemic.

“The governor general has accepted my request to dissolve parliament, so Canadians will go to the polls on September 20,” he said from the federal capital, Ottawa.

According to Trudeau, the country is experiencing a “historic moment” that is why “it is so important for Canadians to choose how we can get out of this epidemic and how we can rebuild ourselves.”

“Now, we are going to make decisions not only for the next few months, but for decades to come,” said Trudeau, 49.

“I urge you to support a progressive and ambitious government that supports a strong healthcare system, affordable housing and a secure environment,” he said, launching some of the key themes of his campaign.

Leading a minority government since October 2019 and relying on the opposition to pass his reforms, Justin Trudeau wants to use the positive polls to control the success of the epidemic and vaccination campaign.

But other parties, against a referendum this summer, have begun animosity and denounced the political account, while the epidemic is not over.

Like other countries, the Canada It was recently announced that it is facing a fourth epidemic due to delta variation, which is highly contagious.

“This is the only window for Justin Trudeau, because returning to school in two weeks will inevitably increase covet cases,” Felix Mathieu, a professor of political science at the University of Winnipeg, told AFP.

“It’s already 18 months, which is the average lifespan of a minority government.”

But Daniel Beland, a professor of political science at McGill University, believes current research does not guarantee the majority that this is a “dangerous gamble.”

To lead a majority government, his party, which has 155 elected members, must win at least 170 of the 338 seats in the lower house, the General Assembly.

“He could run for a few seats in this election,” he added. “Since this election is clearly Trudeau’s decision, if he fails, it will be costly in terms of leadership.

Before him, the leader of the Conservatives, Erin O’Toole, was the only party capable of forming a government – currently 119 delegates – suffering from a lack of popularity among the public opinion, but the rural provinces could be counted as a reservoir of votes.

This Sunday, for the official launch of his campaign, O’Dwyer bet in his speech on the promise of a “strong economy” as opposed to the liberal policy of “more debt, more spending”. He also strongly condemned Trudeau’s decision to call an election.

“We must not compromise our efforts for sports or political interests,” O’Dwyer told a news conference.

Condemning Trudeau’s “selfish decision”, Singh said on Sunday that he was “ready to fight for workers, the rich and big business to do their fair share and create a recovery that benefits all.”

The election campaign, which is expected to last just 36 days, will largely revolve around epidemic management and the government’s comprehensive emergency assistance programs and a $ 101 billion post-epidemic recovery plan over three years.

But environmental issues and reconciliation with the tribal people will be crucial to this election, which promises to be unprecedented.

Knowing that ongoing health measures in many states will limit election rallies and cause great uncertainty participation, “low participation will reduce the legitimacy of the next government,” Felix Mathews adds.

In addition, if postal voting stops, as expected due to the epidemic, it may take some time to know the outcome of the vote.

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