November 27, 2022

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Joubert describes joining the Timberwolves as "the most exciting moment" of his career

Joubert describes joining the Timberwolves as “the most exciting moment” of his career

A few days before the Timberwolves and Jazz agreed to send Rudy Gobert to Minnesota for a cache of players and recruiting footage, Goubert told his agent, Bona Ndiaye, that he wanted a little time to think about the move.

“I told him I needed a day or two to think about it,” Gobert said. “A day later, I told him it was probably the best and most exciting situation in terms of basketball for me.”

Joubert said a day later, trade doneAnd, on Wednesday, he was 7-1 center in Minnesota, snapping photos of all the pictures and shaking all hands he could on goal post.

Trade represents a major transformation for both the Joubert Organization and the Wolfs Organization. Some of the players who helped turn Wolverhampton into a play-off team last season – along with four future first-round picks and swaps for other options – are out.

Joubert is only now joining the second team he has played with in his 10-year career.

“So she is just a very unique core of youth and a really good coach [Chris Finch] who has been complaining about my screens all the time,” Joubert said with a laugh. So now we’re on the same side. I’m excited.”

Joubert was also excited about the potential pairing he and Karl-Anthony Towns would form. Two of the biggest questions about this trade are how well they fit together, and could the Wolves play two big men on the ground in an NBA that’s gotten smaller and faster over the past decade.

Joubert said he took some time to think about his fit with Townes.

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“When I went to bed, I thought about it more and more,” Joubert said. “And in fact, it was probably the best and most exciting challenge for me, to be pairing up with a guy like KAT.”

Towns’ ability to shoot, tackle and pass should complement Joubert in attack – and make teams decide which player they want to double up on the post – while Joubert’s ability to protect the edge will give Towns more defensive freedom and possibly keep him out of foul trouble.

“If you had told me that a year ago, I would have told you I don’t think it could happen,” said Joubert. “But now that I’ve checked, I’m super excited and just letting him be more of himself, and be more dominant.”

The Wolves paid a premium, and perhaps more than a bonus, to get Gobert to Minnesota. The trade was largely criticized by analysts and national journalists and what Wolves gave up in favor of 30-year-old Goubert, who has four years left in a $205 million deal. “I don’t know,” President Tim Connelly initially said, when asked what he might say to people who felt the wolves had paid a heavy price.

“In the industry, the venue is very public and I think we deserve all the praise and criticism, it’s the fun part about being a fan,” Connelly said. “Time will tell. When you make a trade, you hope it’s win-win. You don’t try to cross the difference. … We’ve given up a lot to get a lot, and the better trade is that will work well for the Jazz and T-Wolves.”

“So she is just a very unique core of youth and a really good coach [Chris Finch] Who complained about my screen all the time. We are now on the same side. I’m excited.”

Rudy Gobert

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But the chance to get Joubert was too good to be missed.

“It’s an imprecise science,” Connelly said. “But when you look at players who have Rudy’s abilities, they don’t become very available.”

The timing worked well for Wolves’ whereabouts as an organization and with Jazz seeking to turn the page after not exiting the second round with Jaubert Donovan Mitchell overthrown.

“It seemed more like a dream than a reality,” Connelly said of the Gobert acquisition. “With discussions escalating and we thought there was an opportunity to add Rudy, the level of excitement collectively for Chris and the front office was, ‘Wow, we were able to get that done. “

There is much to be done. Goubert said he had noticed that Wolverhampton had started to build a profitable institution last season. This was one of the reasons why he felt comfortable trading. The pieces are ready for the winning team to take off.

“Their will to win was different, their culture and the way they approached matches, I felt like something had changed,” Gobert said.

Wolves are changing again, and Joubert hopes that everyone will reach a place that neither he nor his colleagues have in their careers.

“The goal is to win a championship and I came here for that,” Gobert said. “I didn’t come here just to be a good team. I came to try to take this team to the finals and make it happen.”