March 23, 2023

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Joseph Lambert announces interim president of Haiti; Country asks US and UN to send troops | The world

Senate Haiti This Friday (9) its leader Joseph Lambert announced that he would take over as the country’s interim president. Assassination of President Joanel Moyes, On Wednesday. His name was nominated for the referendum won by a majority of those present.

Until then, the country’s interim prime minister, Claude Joseph, had held the post temporarily.

There is controversy over who should run the country after Moisin’s death, because Joseph was never officially appointed prime minister, so he holds this position on an interim basis, and the constitution of the head of the Supreme Court who can accept the presidency, who died last month with Govt-19, has not yet been changed (Read more about the sequel below).

This Friday, too, Haiti heard United States And HIM-HER-IT According to the Agency France Press, a Haitian government minister has said he will send troops to protect their ports, airport and other strategic locations.

After Moisin’s murder, he said, “We thought we were mercenaries [acusados do crime] They may destroy some infrastructure to create chaos in the country. We made this request during a conversation with the United States and the United Nations, “Election Minister Matthias Pierre told AFP.

Jovnell Moyes during an interview in August 2019 – Photo: Du Nalio Seri / Reuters

Joanel Moyes He dissolved parliament and issued an order more than a year after the country failed to hold legislative elections, seeking to promote controversial constitutional reform.

Explaining the constitution, which was rejected by the opposition, he said he would remain in office until February 7, 2022. According to them, the term of the President ended on February 7 this year.

The controversy at the end of this period was the result of Moisin’s first election. In the election, which was annulled by fraud, he was elected in October 2015 for a five-year term, winning a new controversy the following year, and only took office in 2017.

Moyes was elected with 600,000 votes in a country of 11.3 million people. Little known before the election, he was able to win with the support of former President Michael Martelli.

Legislative and municipal elections were scheduled for this year, but were postponed to 2022. With the vacuum of power, Moyes retained his position for another year, despite opposition criticism.

Charge of murder

Machine guns, cell phones and passports seized from suspects in the assassination of Haitian President Jovnell Moyes are shown to the press in Port-au-Prince on July 8 – Photo: Estilov Saint-Wall / Reuters

The Haitian National Police Director said Thursday that at least 28 people were involved in the assassination of the president. This, Two are U.S. citizens of Haitian descent and 26 are Colombian citizens..

During the attack, Haitian First Lady Martin was seriously injured, but survived and was taken to the United States, where she was hospitalized in a stable condition.

The agency quoted the director of police as saying that eight of the 28 people involved in the crime were adults. The other 20 suspects have been arrested or have already been detained by authorities – there are not many details about these arrests.

Police and the army have been surrounding the group since Wednesday and were able to arrest them after an intense firefight, officials said. In all, seven people suspected of conspiracy and murder were killed.

Haiti – Photo: Amanda Base / G1

President of Haiti

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