February 8, 2023

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Jeff Bezos: Manchin saved the Biden administration from itself

Jeff Bezos: Manchin saved the Biden administration from itself

Billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said in a tweet on Sunday that the senator. Joe Mansion (DW.Va.) The Biden administration saved “from itself” by blocking spending proposals that Bezos said would increase inflation.

In a tweet on Sunday, Bezos She said The Biden administration “tried very hard to inject more stimulus into an already scorching inflationary economy that only Mansion saved.”

Inflation is a regressive tax that harms the wealthiest. He added that disinformation is not helping the country.

The billionaire’s comments come after Manchin said last month Democrats Budget Adjustment Bill The focus should be on tackling inflation and reducing the deficit.

“Reconciliation for me is about getting inflation under control, paying off that debt, and dealing with what’s going on,” said Manchin, who knocked out the “Build Back Better” law passed by the Biden administration earlier this year.

The senator previously said he wants half of any income to go toward cutting the federal deficit, arguing that this is the “only way to fight inflation.”

President Biden has said that controlling inflation is his top domestic priority, but he has done so Few options To get rid of tension over an issue that harms his party politically.

Bezos’ tweet on Sunday wasn’t the first time the Amazon founder was present She said Biden’s efforts on the economy have been misguided.

On Friday, he tweeted criticism in response to Biden’s assertion that the US should tackle inflation by having some of the “richest companies pay their fair share.”

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“The newly created disinformation board should review this tweet, or they may need to form a new non-sequential board instead,” Bezos said. “It is good to discuss raising corporate taxes. Taming inflation is crucial to the discussion. Bringing them together is just a misdirection.”