August 15, 2022

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Jealousy over 3-way sex is battling dozens of cruise passengers

The fight, which began after the trio of passengers aboard a cruise ship bound for the Bahamas from the United States, turned into a general commotion among dozens of people, lasting more than an hour and was seen at several sites on the ship.

Videos of the fights, which were recorded early on Tuesday (28), were posted on social media. In one of them, a man in the guise of a defender tries to separate some people but fails.

One of the witnesses, travel agent Theresa James, said the fight began on the fifth floor of the Carnival Magic Cruise liner where the casino and nightclub are located.

According to him, the fight involving “ignorant fools acting foolishly” started at two in the morning and lasted for about an hour between the argument and the fight.

In an interview with Fox News, he said the first discussions took place around a scene where the trio were jealous, but soon the chaos escalated and even reached the first floor of the house.

The Coast Guard was called and the ship was taken back to port.

The ship arrived in New York on Tuesday morning, as planned, with police waiting. There was no information on those arrested at the time.

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