June 30, 2022

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Jaquan Brisker made a bold announcement while calling on the Draft Bears

The Chicago Bears He caused quite a stir during the second round of the NFL Draft when they used two picks in this range on their defensive backs. Many experts were perplexed because GM Ryan Poles refused to use either pick on an attacking player who could help quarterback Justin Fields. The hype did not dissuade the Poles. He was confident he made the right call in both choices. Jaquan Brisker certainly agreed.

Penn State’s safety was second of two picks, ranked 48th overall. Many experts felt that he should have gone in the first round based on his obvious talent. Brisker agreed. The Poles made a phone call to the young defender to tell him that he would be drafted. While Brisker was very happy and excited to join the Bears, he made one thing clear. Chicago was getting the whole draft stolen.

Not once but twice.

The young man does not lack confidence. He feels the NFL teams disrespect him by not picking him up earlier. It didn’t help that two other cabinets, Louis Cinly and Daxton Hill, went No. 1, both of which were ranked behind him in many of the draft boards. Had to sting. So far Jaquan Brisker is a man with a chip on his shoulder. The same thing happened with Jaylon Johnson back in 2020. And that seemed to work out well for the Bears.

The best from his point of view is the training device that controls him. Defensive Coordinator Alan Williams has coached the defensive back for two decades. During that time, he helped develop some excellent safety gear, including Bob Sanders, Harrison Smith, and Glover Quinn. He will know exactly what to do to make Brisker the player he can become. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he’s one of the best keepers in the division by next season. One thing is for sure. There will be no shortage of motivation and ostentation.

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