August 13, 2022

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Japanese media reports that China’s military training missiles have landed in Japanese waters the world

The China The largest live ammunition test conducted near Taiwan was conducted this morning US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi visits the islandBeijing considers it part of its territory.

According to the Japanese news agency Kyodo, the five missiles fell within Japan’s exclusive economic zone, which is part of the country’s waters and lies in the sea 370 kilometers from the coast.

Chinese military helicopters fly over Pingtan Island in Fujian province, one of the closest points from Taiwan to mainland China (Photo: Hector Retamol/AFP Photo)

This China’s missiles hit the Sea of ​​Japan for the first time, according to Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi. Kishi said the Japanese government sent a formal protest to China through Japan’s exclusive diplomatic channel (ZEE).

China has not yet commented on Japan’s accusation.

Earlier, the Chinese government fired 11 missiles near Taiwan China’s largest military exercise in the region with live ammunition.

Taiwan’s government confirmed the drills, and Chinese naval vessels and military aircraft briefly crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait, the landmark that separates the two countries.

China exercises as seen from an island near Taiwan

Beijing has called the military exercises and other maneuvers around Taiwan “justified and necessary,” and has blamed the United States and its allies for escalating tensions.

China’s response to US Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is drills. The visit, which lasted less than 24 hours between Tuesday (2) and Wednesday (3), angered Beijing, which considers the island part of its territory.

5 points to understand the tension caused by Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan

5 points to understand the tension caused by Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan angered Beijing, which has vowed strong retaliation against the US. Until now, however, it was the Asian island that paid the most for the American visitor and was already beginning to feel the effects of the visit. A series of economic sanctions announced by China.

On Wednesday, Beijing suspended imports of goods such as fruit and fish products from Taiwan, as well as natural sand exports to the island. Chinese customs canceled imports from 35 Taiwanese cookie and candy exporters.

Beijing also conducted an unofficial naval air blockade in anticipation of Thursday’s drills.

The reprisals so far have been more symbolic than practical, a sign of what’s to come from Beijing to the Taiwanese government. Regardless of the North American Chamber president’s visit, experts estimate that the Chinese government’s pressure on the island will already increase.

Taiwanese representatives and Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House, on August 2, 2022 — Photo: Manual via Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Reuters

Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan on Tuesday (2) It was the first time in 25 years that a top American official had visited the island of 24 million people., which China claims as part of its territory. As such, Beijing said Pelosi’s trip “sends a serious wrong signal to pro-Taiwan independence separatist forces”.

During the less than 24-hour visit, Pelosi met with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, visited the Taipei Human Rights Museum and toured Parliament.

Although Nancy Pelosi spoke on behalf of America, the Speaker’s visit was not unanimous within the country. On July 21, US President Joe Biden – a member of Pelosi’s circle and closest to her – said the military felt the visit was “not a good idea”.

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, then a Congresswoman, made a surprise visit to Tiananmen Square in 1991. Pelosi has a long history of opposing the Chinese government. – Photo: Associated Press

Further, the Chairman of the Council, Has a history of conflict with China, stressed the journey. Thirty years ago, Pelosi unexpectedly appeared in Tiananmen Square with posters honoring Chinese government protesters killed in a 1989 demonstration.

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