March 21, 2023

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Japan closes borders for foreign travelers due to Omigron variation | The world

Oh Japan Foreign visitors will be banned from Tuesday, November 30th. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said the move was a step in the right direction Corona contains the spread of a new variant of the virus, An omega.

Returning Japanese from many specific countries can enter, but they must enter Isolation In government-appointed facilities.

“These are temporary and exceptional measures we are taking as a matter of security until we get clear information about the Omigran variant. I am prepared to withstand criticism from those who say the government is very cautious,” Kishida said.

Since last Friday (26), Japan has increased restrictions and restrictions on people coming from six African countries, although no Omigron case has been detected in the country.

Health Minister Shikeyuki Koto said a traveler from Namibia had tested positive for Govt-19, but further tests were needed to determine if it was a new variant.

Variation available on all continents

All continents have already recorded cases of the Omigron variant Of the new corona virus. This Sunday (28), the Canada became the first country in the United States to be confirmed infected, There were 2 cases in the state of Ontario. Overall, more than Ten countries have already reported population strain.

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