March 27, 2023

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Italy crosses 100,000 Govt cases for the first time in 24 hours – Eboca Negosios

Health workers being vaccinated at a hospital in Rome, Italy (Photo: Getty Images)

This Thursday (30) Italy broke a new record in the daily cases of Covit-19 and for the first time crossed the 100,000 mark in a single day.

According to the Ministry of Health, 126,888 new positive diagnoses were recorded, which is almost 30% higher than the previous record, with 98,020 cases last Wednesday (29).

In addition, it represents an increase of 184% compared to last week’s estimated 44,595 infections. This is the fifth day in a week of reported cases in Italy and the third day in a row.

The seven-day moving average of infections reached 66,325 on Thursday, 224% higher than it was two weeks ago, indicating a curve in sharp acceleration.

The total number of active cases is a record: 779,463, of which 98.4% (767,371) are home isolated. In Italy, 10,866 people were in ward beds (1.4%) and 1,226 patients in ICUs (0.2%), the highest values ​​since the second half of May.

The bulletin recorded 134 entries in the intensive care unit this Thursday, the highest daily count since the beginning of May. The moving average of ICU combinations is 110, which is 42% higher than it was two weeks ago.

The difference in the rate of infection and the growth rate of those admitted to the hospital can be explained by the vaccination status of the population (approximately 80% of cycles completed), which makes the infection asymptomatic or asymptomatic due to the ரா micron variant in the already infected population.

The farm’s inventory still counts 156 deaths, a slight increase compared to last Wednesday’s 148 deaths, but this index is growing at a much slower pace than the cases.

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The moving average of deaths is 143, which is 34% higher than it was 14 days ago. According to the Ministry of Health, there have been 5,981,428 cases and 137,247 cases in Italy since the outbreak.


To avoid the risk of overloading hospitals, the Italian government last Wednesday approved an extension of what is known as the “enhanced green pass”, a health certificate issued only to the Covid-19 vaccine or newly cured.

This document is already required for sports events, concerts, nightclubs and closed areas of bars and restaurants, but from January 10 it will also be charged at hotels and reception structures, outdoor dining tables, congresses, exhibitions, cable cars, and swimming pools. Museums and public transportation too.

In practice, anyone who has not been vaccinated against Govt or has not recovered from the disease in less than six months will be excluded from most social life. On the other hand, the government exempts those who have been vaccinated with a booster dose associated with positive cases from isolation.