March 27, 2023

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Italian court sentences 70 mafia members to life in prison The world

Italian judge condemns 70 members of Ndrangheta, one of the most powerful mafia groups, this Saturday (06/11) Italy. This is considered to be the largest investigation against the Mafia since the late 1980s.

Judge Claudio Paris read out the verdicts against 91 defendants in a large courtroom in Lamezia Terme, southern Calabria, where a large trial of hundreds of suspected members of the ‘Ndrangheta’ and its collaborators has been underway since January.

Charges include attempted murder, money laundering, drug trafficking, extortion and illegal possession of firearms.

There are still 355 defendants to try and the process is expected to take more than two years. Investigations took several years, culminating in search operations in December 2019.

‘Ndrangheta, which operates in Calabria, one of Italy’s poorest regions, controls most of the cocaine that comes to Europe. Prominent anti-mafia lawyer Nicola Gratteri – ‘Attempts to defeat Entrangata forced him to live under police protection for more than 30 years – said that today everything “went well”.

The Italian news agency AdnKronos reported that “out of 91 people charged, 70 were guilty” and those released had fewer responsibilities. Some of the most dangerous were sentenced to a maximum of 20 years in prison by prosecutors.

One-third of the group was sentenced to 10 years or more in prison and 21 were acquitted, Greater said. Some of those considered the most dangerous received a maximum of 20 years in prison, as demanded by prosecutors.

‘Ndrangheta gained prominence after another major experiment in the late 1980s, which dealt a severe blow to Sicily’s Cosa Nostra.

Experts believe 150 families are part of the organization, which has 6,000 members and is supported by affiliates of its operating base in Calabria. Thousands more are believed to be working for ‘Ndrangheta’ around the world.