August 17, 2022

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Israel dissolves parliament and holds 5th election in 4 years – 06/30/2022 – World

Israeli lawmakers voted on Thursday (30) to dissolve parliament. Brief government of the far-right Naphtali Bennett. The Prime Minister will be temporarily replaced at midnight Yair Lapid, the current Minister of Foreign AffairsA centrist liberal, along with Bennett, led the now crumbling ruling coalition.

The Knesset’s fifth election in four years is set to take place on November 1. Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu To power. Oh The right-winger left the scene a year agoWhen a Alliance between rival parties of opposing ideologies The removal of the long-serving prime minister of Israel after 12 years is a sham.

Bennett, a former military veteran and technician, has announced he will not run in the election. “I am leaving a prosperous, strong and secure country,” he told reporters on Wednesday. “This year we have proven that people with very different views can work together,” he said of his ideologically diverse coalition.

Last week, Bennett decided to dissolve parliament After internal conflicts made its ruling coalition irrevocable – the coalition merges abbreviations from the left, right, center and Arab list. The agreement was broken because its members could not reach an agreement to renew the agreement Controversial move to extend Israeli law to immigrants living in the West BankThe area has been under military occupation since 1967.

When Bennett dissolved the coalition in favor of a solution, the move was automatically renewed, and the Prime Minister escaped controversy over the issue. His ruling coalition was expected to at least oppose Netanyahu until he disappeared from the corruption investigation, but it did not materialize.

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Netanyahu’s re-election is an undoubted victory, so he did not fail to celebrate it in public. He celebrated the end of “the worst government in history” and indicated that he would return. Recent polls point to his abbreviated right-wing Likud leadership, however, which does not mean he can already count on that post, as his return depends on unpredictable party negotiations.

It is clear that Netanyahu is one of the most flexible – and often hated – person in modern politics in the country.

In court, he faces a series of charges, including corruption, bribery and fraud. One of the inquiries into whether he paid US $ 500 million (R $ 2.6 billion) in benefits to Bezeq, the largest telecommunications company in the country, was made by the former head of the company in response to positive news from his government on his own Walla news website.

On the other hand, he is accused of accepting gifts such as cigars and drinks worth US $ 264,000 (R $ 1.4 million) from billionaires and giving benefits to the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper (the best-selling in the country). Exchange for positive coverage.

If convicted, BP is at risk of arrest, which would prevent him from continuing in politics and trying to return to the leadership of the country. But trials can still drag on for months or years. Netanyahu denies the allegations.

This is the 24th dissolution of the Israeli parliament Knesset and the fifth election in four years. For a prime minister to be appointed, the ruling party or coalition must win at least 61 of the 120 seats. In the case of Netanyahu, for example, opinion polls suggest that his party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about 35 seats. To sum up 61, he needs the support of other right-wing forces, but many of them reject his name.

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