January 30, 2023

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Islamic State-Coronation: Meet the Taliban rival militant group that spreads terrorism in Afghanistan | The world

As the Afghans boarded a plane from Afghanistan and tried to flee the Taliban, warnings appeared for another threat: the Islamic State (IS) group.

U.S. President Joe Biden has said there is a “serious and growing risk” of an attack on the airport by the regional wing of a group called the Islamic State-Corpson (EI-K).

This Thursday (26) Exploded and died in unidentified numbers. ISIS was automatically suspected of being the author, but until the last update of this report, it did not claim the right to action.

A US official told Andhra that he “certainly believes” that he was hanged by the EI-K. It is also known as ISIS-Q, In English.

The United States, the United Kingdom and Australia have already asked their citizens to look for safe zones outside the airport.

Prior to the attack, a Taliban spokesman acknowledged the danger of “harassment” in a confusing situation, even after discussing the threat directly. He attributed the current film to the US-led withdrawal.

See below for questions and answers about this other extremist group, along with information from AFP:

What is the Islamic State-Corason?

A few months after ISIS declared a caliphate in Iraq and Syria in 2014, militants who left the Pakistani Taliban joined forces with militants in Afghanistan to develop a regional weapon. They swore allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The group was formally accredited by the ISIS Central Command following its establishment in northeastern Afghanistan, Kunar, Nangarhar and Nuristan provinces.

According to a report by the UN Security Council released last July, the latest estimates of its strength range from thousands of extremist fighters to 500.

“Corazon” is the historical name for a region that currently includes parts of Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asia..

What kind of attacks does ISIS carry out?

EI-K demanded some The most violent attacks in recent years in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The group has massacred civilians in mosques, temples, squares and even hospitals in both countries, as well as attacking Muslims from wards they consider to be fanatics – especially Shiites.

In August 2019, EI-K Responsible for the attack on Shiites At least 91 people were killed during a wedding in Kabul.

Authorities suspect the group was responsible for the May 2020 attack, which shocked the world. They were shot at a Shia maternity hospital in Kabul. Of those, 25 died, including 16 mothers and newborns.

Of the existing provinces, EI-K has left deep scores. His men were shot, beheaded, tortured and terrorized the villagers, leaving mines everywhere.

In addition to the bombings and massacres, EI-Corazon was unable to control any part of the region and suffered heavy casualties in Taliban and US military operations.

What is EI-Corazon’s relationship with the Taliban?

Although both groups are fierce Sunni Islamist militants, Rivals and differ in the themes of religion and strategy. Everyone claims to represent the real banner of jihad.

These differences have provoked bloody clashes, which the Taliban have won since 2019, as they have not been able to control the EI-Corazon territory like its parent group in the Middle East.

How did ISIS view the Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan?

Not good. The Islamic State criticized the agreement signed last year between Washington and the Taliban, which led to an agreement to withdraw foreign troops. The group accuses the Taliban of abandoning the jihadi cause.

After the Taliban’s rapid capture of Afghanistan, many jihadist groups around the world hailed the group, but not ISIS.

The ISIS commentary released after the fall of Kabul accused the Taliban of betraying jihadists through the Washington Accord and the SITE intelligence team that monitors communications from extremist groups.

Why is Kabul Airport targeted?

Authorities in the United States and other Western countries have already warned that the Kabul airport, surrounded by thousands of U.S. troops, is under threat from the EI-Coronation.

No country has reported specific details of the threat.

“ISIS-K is the enemy of the Taliban and they have a history of fighting each other,” Biden said Sunday. “Every day we have soldiers, these soldiers and innocent civilians are at risk of ISIS-K attack at the airport,” he added.