March 23, 2023

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iPhone SE 3 Features We'd Like to See

iPhone SE 3 Features We’d Like to See

The new iPhone SE looks amazing in red. At $399, it’s the most affordable iPhone you can currently buy.

Jun Kim / CNET

May give apples the smallest and cheapest Iphone Update next week. Tech giant detained It happened on March 8th. through which apple Rumored to release them new version of iPhone SE. (here How does the iPhone SE 3 compare to its predecessor.) The last iPhone SE debuted in 2020 iPhone 11 ProLevel performance, reasonable price and compact design, the two-year-old phone really brings a lot of value for money.

But there are still many ways Apple can improve iPhone SEespecially since Samsung and Google offer attractive features such as multi-lens cameras to Cheapest phones. The New and cheaper iPhone 11 price: $499 (£489, AU$849) It could also make the iPhone SE’s $399 sale even tougher for those who want a more cost-effective Apple device.

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If Apple’s next budget-friendly iPhone becomes a reality, here are some improvements we’d like to see.

Clearer Selfie Camera


The 2020 iPhone SE has a 7MP front camera and we’d love to see an upgrade in the next model.

Jun Kim / CNET

The wallet-friendly price of the iPhone SE means that the phone makes some compromises, particularly when it comes to the camera. And if Apple keeps prices for the next iPhone SE as competitive as the 2020 version, that likely won’t change much.

But at least we’d love to see a higher-resolution front camera for clearer video calls and selfies. The current iPhone SE has a 7MP front camera like the iPhone XS. iPhone 11 and later devices have a 12MP front camera with a wider field of view, as my colleague Patrick Holland mentioned in his review.

While the iPhone SE’s rear camera lacks the dual-lens setup that has become common on most phones — even on budget devices — the single-lens wide camera can still produce great photos. But now that the COVID-19 pandemic has made video calling on our mobile devices the norm, it would be great to see the front camera get an upgrade that brings it closer to Apple’s more expensive phones.

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The latest processor from Apple

Apple A15 processor on iPhone 13.jpg

The Apple A15 processor in the iPhone 13 contains 15 billion transistors.

Shot by Stephen Shankland/CNET

One of the best things about the iPhone SE is that it runs on the same processor as the iPhone 11, ensuring that it won’t feel sluggish too soon and will be able to handle the new features. While A13 Bionic . chip Inside the iPhone SE is plenty of power for everyday tasks, Apple could give its budget phone an edge by equipping it with a newer processor.

The iPhone 13’s A15 Bionic processor It would be perfect, but even getting the A14 Bionic chip would be a step forward in the iPhone SE’s future-proofing for years to come. Again, the older A13 Bionic chip is more than enough for most of the tasks you normally do on your phone, like checking email, reading the news, playing games, and taking pictures.

But the improved Neural Engine in Apple’s newer chips will probably make your iPhone better at a lot of the thriving machine learning software that the iPhone has acquired in recent years. This includes app recommendations, text predictions, language translation, and the ability to recognize people in photos. It’s these kinds of features that largely drive the iPhone’s cuteness rather than raw computing power, and the more powerful Neural Engine should help Apple’s newer chips.

There’s a chance we’ll see Apple’s latest mobile processor arrive in the next iPhone SE, as a report from Asian Nikkei Review It says it will run on the same chip as the A15 Bionic in iPhone 13.

5G support


An advertisement for a nationwide T-Mobile 5G network in midtown Manhattan.

Alex Tay/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

You You may not need 5G today Given the speeds are usually comparable to 4G LTE networks. But 5G is now standard on most smartphones, which means it’s not as expensive as non-5G phones as it was in 2019. Besides upgrading the processor, bringing 5G to the iPhone SE will be another way to ensure that Apple is next – This generation budget phone does not appear to be dated in two to three years. The Nikkei report also notes that the next iPhone SE will come with 5G support, which means that Apple’s entire 2022 lineup will be able to support the next generation network.

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Better battery life


The iPhone SE is one of Apple’s smallest iPhones, along with the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 13 Mini.

Jun Kim / CNET

The iPhone SE is not only the cheapest phone Apple sells; It is also one of the smallest. This also means that it has a smaller battery than other iPhones like iPhone 11and 12 and 13. Apple estimates that the iPhone SE should last for up to 13 hours when playing local video, while the iPhone 13 works for 19 hours and the iPhone 11 and 12 for 17 hours. Apple too Improve battery life In another smaller iPhone, the iPhone 13 Mini, which it says can last up to 17 hours while playing video just like the iPhone 12.

in our area iPhone SE review
, my colleague Patrick Holland wrote that he was able to get through a day and a half easily on a single charge. However, battery life will always vary depending on how you use your device. In my own experience, on a full work day, I’ve only been able to make it in the late afternoon on days when I make a lot of calls or record audio for work. But I usually get more miles on the weekends when I’m mostly checking email, reading the news, and browsing social media.

However, battery life can never be good, and since Apple has improved the battery life of the iPhone 13 Mini, I hope it will do the same for the next iPhone SE.

Connection ID

Apple iPhone C 1403

iPhone SE is the only current iPhone with Touch ID.

Angela Lang / CNET

iPhone SE is the only model currently sold by Apple that still owns Connection ID Fingerprint sensor in the home button. I imagine this is a huge draw for some people, especially over the past couple of years because having to check your phone while wearing a mask is suddenly common. apples iOS 15.4 update This is expected to address this by improving the way Face ID works while wearing a mask. But Touch ID can still feel more comfortable because it doesn’t require you to hold your phone in front of your face in a certain way.

Many modern Android phones include both facial recognition and fingerprint scanning as biometric options for unlocking your phone or authenticating payments. Reports indicate that Apple is working on a screen within a screen Fingerprint scanner for future flagship iPhone modelsBut I hope Apple will keep Touch ID on the iPhone SE in the meantime.

More base model storage

Apple iPhone SE 1418

The iPhone SE starts with 64GB of storage, but we’d love to see 128GB.

Angela Lang / CNET

Apple raised the entry-level storage capacity of the iPhone from 64GB to 128GB for iPhone 13 A welcome update that will be greatly appreciated on the upcoming iPhone SE. More storage usually results in a price increase, but 128GB is widely considered to be the standard on smartphones, including budget models such as Samsung Galaxy A42 5G $350 And $450 Google Pixel 5A 5G. I hope that by cutting the 64GB configuration from the iPhone 13 lineup, Apple recognizes this shift.

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