March 25, 2023

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Internet news helps mother find daughter abducted 14 years ago

Have you ever imagined a kidnapped child who, many years later, was able to find him because of a simple message sent on the internet?

This is the case of Angelica Vences-Salcado, who reported the disappearance of her daughter Jacqueline Hernandez in 2007, when she was only 06 years old.

The main suspect, according to the UOL, was identified as the girl’s father, Pablo Henri Hernandez, who was armed with the entire abduction to separate the mother and daughter.


A total of 14 years have passed and until recently Angelica told police that a young woman sent a message on social media that she was her daughter.

The young woman, who lived in Florida (USA) as a child and was taken to Mexico, made only one request: to meet her mother on the border of the two countries.

So it happened. On the 10th, local authorities set up a mega-task force and were able to confirm that Jacqueline was actually Angelika’s missing daughter.

The two can then, finally, meet again to kill the nostalgia.

“This is a great example of what can be achieved if several law enforcement agencies and their respective communities work together and maintain open communication systems,” said Charles Broadway, the police chief who was involved in the operation.


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