March 25, 2023

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International leaders reject invasion of Brasilia

International leaders responded to the invasions of Praça dos Tres Potares in Brasilia this Sunday (8.Jan.2023) on their profiles on social networks.

The militants vandalized government buildings and left a trail of vandalism at the National Congress, Planaldo Palace and the STF (Federal Supreme Court).

On his Twitter profile, French President Emmanuel Macron said Lula could count on support.Unconditional“To control the situation in the country.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken also commented on the situation. On his Twitter page, he condemned the attacks and said, “Instant End” Proceedings in Brasilia.

U.S. National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said the U.S. condemnedAny attempt to subvert democracy“.

Roberta Metzola, President of the European Parliament, who “related to” with the invasion of Congress in Brazil. “Democracy must always be respected,” he wrote in a post on his Twitter profile.

Latin American leaders also rejected the invasion and expressed support for the Brazilian president in dealing with the violence. Here are the reactions:

Invasion of the Three Powers

This Sunday (8.Jan.2023) around 3 pm right-wing extremists attacked the National Congress After breaking through the security barriers put up by the security forces of the Federal District and National Army. There, they occupied the Green Hall of the House of Representatives, the area where the plenary session was held.

Later, the invaders went to Planaldo Palace and destroyed several rooms in the seat of the executive branch. Finally, the extremists occupied the Supreme Court (Federal Court of Justice). They broke the front windows and reached the temple.

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They often wear Brazilian soccer team t-shirts, clothes in the colors of the Brazilian flag, and sometimes with the flag on their backs. They call themselves patriots and advocate military intervention (effectively a coup) to overthrow the president’s government. Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (PT).

Before the invasion

The organization of the movement was taken over by the federal government, which determined the use of national forces in the region. On Sunday morning (8.jan), there were 3 buses of security agents on the Esplanade. But this was not enough to check the intrusion of extremists into the seat of the Assembly.

On the weekend, dozens of buses, hundreds of cars and hundreds of people He came to the federal capital to demonstrate. Initially, the group moved 7.9 km from the headquarters of the Army Headquarters. Square of three powers.

Afterwards, the militants walked from the monumental axis to the Esplanada dos Ministérios, accompanied by the Military Police of the Federal District.

Vehicles were banned from the roads. But there was no obstacle for those who passed through it.

During the day, police officers searched pedestrians who wanted to go to the esplanade. At each pedestrian access point there was a pair of military police officers to search bags and backpacks. Attention was paid to identifying sharp objects such as glass and knives.

Against SQUID

After the election results, hard-line Bolsonaros have occupied forces in different Brazilian states. They also performed Protest on federal highways And, after Lula’s diplomacy, promotion Acts of violence in the center of Brasilia. Also, the police found Explosives 2 locations in Brasilia.

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