March 21, 2023

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International analysts point out possible routes for Russian troops in possible offensive in Ukraine

Crisis in Ukraine International analysts predict which routes Russian troops will use to seize territory in neighboring countries. This is what the special envoys show Kiev Pedro Vadova, Ernani Lemos and Igor Arroyo.

The narrow path is not always the best path. Chernobyl is close to the capital Ukraine And on the border Belarus, Where Russia Makes great war games. The Ukrainian city of Moscow is stuck in the period of issuing orders. Thirty-six years ago, the Soviet nuclear power plant exploded: 50,000 residents fled from radiation.

A slogan in the exemption zone was “Visit Chernobyl and then die”. If they enter there now, the Russian troops will break a terrible silence.

Belarus This is one of four pages Russia Amassed forces. The Russian government has deployed 127,000 troops and has more than 15,000 separatists in the east..

Ukraine and its neighbors – Photo: Journal National / Breeding

A Ukraine Concerned about the feasibility of a strategy To us They call it “thunder”: a quick, deep attack, rather than occupying territory, shocking and paralyzing the enemy. Government UkraineOne of Putin’s goals is to sever ties with the West.

A Ukrainian anthropologist said the Russian people would not tolerate bloodshed. Like many Ukrainian families they are two sister countries Russia And vice versa.

Another danger is to repeat the Kremlin’s so-called “little men in green” tactic. In 2014, the Russians appeared in flagless uniforms at strategic points in Crimea. It did not take them long to seize power without firing a single shot. The Russia Then annexed the peninsula.

In Moscow, polls show the last 15 years 80% are Russians Need one Friendly relationship As Ukraine.

A Ukraine None of the museum pieces work. For years, NATO has provided military assistance to the Ukrainian government. In this current crisis, the To us There were 90 tons of so-called “death aid” Ukraine.

The United Kingdom Sent anti-missiles and is currently training Ukrainian armed forces to operate such equipment. The Ukraine, At least in theory, can not face the Russians, but have to leave everything Russia With a bloody nose.

During the eight years of conflict in the East, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have gained military experience. But still Russia Has twice as many troops; 15 times more fighters; Almost five times as many tanks.

Only Ukrainian soldiers are good at fighting Ukraine This is huge. Success will not be easy or lasting. Financial and moral spending can be a nightmare even in success.

Hope still stands. The Russian Armed Forces announced on Monday that 9,000 troops from the south and west would return to their bases after completing their military exercises.

A Ukrainian military official thinks an invasion is not possible. He sees a war, but information. The firing of misinformation. It is part of a toxic arsenal of politics that does not find the shortcuts of diplomacy.

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