May 23, 2022

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Instagram banned in Russia: Understand the importance of social networking for Putin’s country | Technology

Decided to prevent Instagram In Russia it should have an impact beyond the controversy between the Russian government and the US company, because this application is very popular in the country. According to director Adam Moseri, the social network has 80 million Russian users.

Russia has announced it will restrict access Instagram Monday (14th) in response to policy change to hate speech The goalController Instagram More from Facebook sites and ShareFor.

Last Friday (11th), American company Temporarily changed its rules Social media users in some countries should be allowed to support acts of violence against Russians In the context of the war in Ukraine (Learn more at the end of the report).

According to a Russian government report, the decision to block the app on Monday gives users 48 hours to transfer their photos and videos to other social networks and notify their contacts and customers.

The Russians use it a lot Instagram The social network that has more users in the world than Facebook, according to data from eMarketer Consulting, published by the French Press Agency.

By 2021 Facebook had 7.5 million users in that country, equivalent to 7.3% of Internet users, up from 51 million in the country.InstagramTheI am.

As in Brazil, this application is very popular among Russians and has become an important online sales tool for many small and medium businesses, as well as artists and artisans, depending on their visibility on the site to make a living.

The The goal Need to lose even with the lock. Russia is the fifth largest market in terms of the number of viewers who can see ads on the app. InstagramI – Behind the US, India, Brazil and Indonesia respectively. Data from an agency called We Are Social, in conjunction with the Hoodsut operating system.

Control over Instagram Follow Facebook, like this TwitterYours Restricted access Has been in the country since the last 4th. Currently there is no information about the restrictions Share In Russia.

Prohibition notice Instagram Developed by Roskomnadzor, the organization that controls the media and telecommunications in Russia. This decision is in response to a change in hate speech policy The goalFacebook’s parent company, Share That’s from instagramI am.

The US company is temporarily releasing some news that To protect the death of the President of Russia, Vladimir PutinOr according to a series of internal emails sent to the company’s content evaluators and seen by Reuters in countries including Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, Russia, Ukraine and Poland.

Putin’s government says, “News is spread on social media Instagram Promoting and inciting violence against Russians “and it will restrict the social network.

Vice President for Global Affairs, in a statement released FridayTo meOK, Nick Clegg justified the changes to the company’s rules. “The truth is, if we use our consistent content policy without any change, we will remove content that expresses opposition and anger against the occupying forces from ordinary Ukrainian citizens,” Clegg pointed out.

Vice President of The goal He emphasized that the statement was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into Russia, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations.