March 27, 2023

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Innovation on Whatsapp: Messages sent 7 days ago can now be deleted

Attention, Brazilians! According to WABetaInfo, The Share Checks update for “Clear for All” feature. The portal identified in the desktop version (2.2147.4) of Messenger is an extension of the time limit for deleting a message.

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Currently a message can be deleted within 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds of being sent. With the enhanced functionality, users can delete content within 7 days and 8 minutes. This action is still in development, so it is likely to make changes until it is released.

More WhatsApp News

Messenger recently implemented a tool for creating stickers from photos of the device. Users can customize the stickers with emojis and other props.

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WABetaInfo is also in beta for iOS and has the potential to change the speed of sent audio. This feature is still under construction but will be available soon.

You can block Whatsapp by refusing the terms

The expectation of was recent Share Prevent or restrict account activity for users who do not comply with the new Privacy Policy. However, Brazil’s widely used messaging application has backtracked on its decision to block or restrict this activity.

Thus, those who do not comply with the “Terms of Service” will continue to use the tools of the site. In addition, any penalty for rejecting the application criteria was suspended.

However, according to the latest internet releases WABetaInfoFailure to comply with WhatsApp’s obligation to accept Privacy Policy may result in the use of the Business Profile Accounts to be compromised.

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Considering the information, professional accounts that use Facebook’s cloud providers will not receive messages from users who do not comply with the new membership terms. This move could adversely affect many companies that use Messenger with recurrences such as SAC.

Therefore, refusing to share data with Facebook will reduce access to users’ business accounts.

Whatsapp says

The Share It was reported that it would continue to guide its users to accept the update, even if it was going to use certain custom features, such as interacting with “the company that gets Facebook’s support”.

“The release of WhatsApp Beta Info says that WhatsApp is working on tools to fulfill these promises and will allow anyone who has not yet done so to do so when they want to use the questionable update feature. For the first time,” the application’s specialty portal says.

However, according to information released by the company, The WABetaInfo Do not continue to say that Share As there is nothing new in this case so far it is planned to comment on this. In this sense, we have to wait for the company’s next announcement on the situation.

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