March 27, 2023

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Infinitely, the eruption in the Canaries would end in a month without death or injury; View data world

To complete a month, the Cumbre Viza volcano erupted on the Spanish island of La Palma, located in the Canary Islands. Spain, Continues without expected results.

This Sunday (17), Angel Victor Torres, head of the Canaries Regional Government, He said there were no signs of the end of the eruption approaching.

From the volcano Made live on September 19th, Ash, the noise of eruptions, volcanic rivers and earthquakes have become part of the reality of La Palma with a population of about 83,000.

This Sunday alone, there were 42 tremors, the largest of which was 4.3 on the Richter scale, according to Reuters, according to the Spanish National Geographic Institute.

Members of the Spanish Military Emergency Unit observe the evolution of a new volcanic eruption from the Cumbre Viza volcano in La Palma – Photo: Luismi Oritz / UME / AFP

For the second day in a row, Flights could not fly over the island due to volcanic ash.

The airlines canceled 38 flights scheduled for this Sunday (17), many of them from other islands in the archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean. Of the 34 flights scheduled for Saturday (16), only four could go as planned.

During the nearly one-month volcanic eruption, thousands of people had to be evacuated from their homes and hundreds of hectares of land were destroyed. So far, there are no records of deaths or injuries.

See below the balance of the key numbers of the eruption:

Although The path of destruction Caused by the volcano, emergency efforts were successful and no one was injured or killed.

Residents watch the volcanic eruption on the Spanish island of La Palma on September 24, 2021, from a mountain. After the process starts. – Photo: Emilio Morenatti / AB

According to EFE, one in five of the three municipalities located in the area buried by volcanic eruptions is within the perimeter of the fall risk of toxic gases and other substances Leaving their homes. According to the BBC, about 3,000 people living in the surrounding area are locked up due to the risk of inhaling toxic gases.

Drone image of a secluded house from a volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands of La Palma, Spain. Photo of September 21, 2021 – Photo: Alfonso Escalero / I Love the World / via REUTERS

According to the Copernicus satellite, about 1% of the island’s surface was buried by volcanoes from the equator. And according to EFE, 202 hectares of banana, vineyard and avocado plantations were damaged by the blast.

Aerial view of the Lava River advancing since the eruption of the Gumbre Viza volcano in La Palma – Photo: IGME / AFP

Nearly 2,000 buildings were destroyed

All kinds of buildings were damaged, including houses, schools, churches and commercial buildings. According to the BBC, the cement factory and other industrial sheds were removed from the map.

Members of the Spanish Military Emergency Unit use safety equipment to clean ashes from the roofs of La Palma – Photo: Luismi Artis / UME / AFP

According to the EFE, more than 2,700 earthquakes have occurred since the eruption began. The strongest of them is reported at 4.6 Richter.

This is the height reached by the ash column or volcanic eruption The main volcanic cone On September 28th.

Satellite image Gray cloud appears in Spain on October 4, 2021 from a volcano in La Palma, one of the Canary Islands – Photo: NASA Earth Laboratory via Reuters

This is the temperature reached by some volcanic eruptions beyond La Palma.

Lava from the volcano reaches the sea on September 29, 2021 on the Spanish island of La Palma in the Canaries – Photo: Borja Suarez / Reuters

This is the eighth eruption recorded in La Palma. According to the EFE, five eruptions occurred between the 15th and 18th centuries. Most recently, another eruption occurred in 1949 and 1971. By the amount of volcanic material emitted, there are already three most important eruption canaries in current history, according to the company.

Cloud of gases from lava contact with seawater from a volcano in Spain on September 30, 2021 – Canary Islands

10.5 million euros (approximately BRL 67 million)

And value Imposed by the Spanish government Emergency housing operations and assistance to displaced persons. Spanish President Pedro Sanchez told private broadcaster La Sexta last Thursday (14) that he would “set aside all the money needed to rebuild this wonderful island”. According to the AFP, Sanchez said the government will be “until we rebuild 100% of everything that destroyed the volcano”.

The lava from the volcano destroyed everything in orbit on September 23, 2021 on the Spanish island of La Palma. The volcano erupted on Sunday (19) in the Canaries, a Spanish archipelago of 8 islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Thousands were forced to evacuate. – Photo: Emilio Morenatti / Pool via Reuters

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