June 29, 2022

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Incident in which four women were attacked in China: a case that shook the country

Authorities said Tuesday that two of the four women who were attacked by a group of men in northern China are still in hospital in a case that has provoked outrage in the country, prompting local police to investigate.

Hebei Provincial Public Safety Bureau said Incidents and “serious violations of law and order” are being investigated by the police for a long time. From the city of Tongshan, this It is located 150 km east of Beijing.

The Aggression and public outrage renewed the debate Hate speech and mistreatment of women in China.

Aggressive video Received over 68 million views.

Police arrived at the scene 28 minutes later. According to Hebei officials. The deputy head of the Lube branch of the Tongshan police was responsible for the initial handling of the case. Removed from office, Although the report does not explain the cause.

The pictures show One of the men approached a table where three women were sitting, and put his hand on a woman’s back. The woman asked, “What do you want him to do?”

The male then stimulates, to hit the female in the face Argument. The The initial victim is pulled by the hair. Existing men group Accompanied by an attack eating out, the women were beaten to death with chairs and beer bottles.

Two women were admitted to the hospital.

Nine Suspects There were Prisoners next day. Rumors have been circulating on social media in recent days At least one woman died But a report by the Hebei Public Safety Bureau disproves this information.

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The report said the two women’s health was improving and they had “minor secondary injuries”. The other two The women sustained minor injuries and were not admitted to the hospital, the report said.

After the attack, information about this was released About organized crime in Tongshan and the links between the police and crime groups. The investigation was transferred to police in the city of Langfang, another jurisdiction, which is also in Hebei province.

Hebei County Anti-Corruption Organization said today that five police officers are under investigation, including the head of the Lube branch in Tangshan and at least two members of the local police station.