March 21, 2023

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In the United States, Merck seeks FDA approval for emergency use of the Covit-19 tablet Corona virus

Application for mild to moderate goiter treatment for adults at risk of severe and / or hospitalization.

If approved – it may take a few weeks – the drug will be the first pill to treat the disease. All other FDA-approved therapies require an intravenous injection.

On October 1, Merck had announced that its drug would reduce hospitalizations and deaths For those with early corona virus infection.

The FDA has not yet reviewed the company’s data on drug safety and efficacy before making a decision.

Three agency-approved antibody drugs have proven to be very effective in reducing mortality from Govit-19, but they are expensive, difficult to manufacture, and require specialized equipment and health workers to apply.

From the onset of the infection, experts emphasized the need for pill therapy. Fever medication used for 20 years, such as oseltamivir, should reduce the severity of the disease in one or two days and alleviate the severity of symptoms such as fever, cough and nasal congestion.

On Monday (11), the British pharmaceutical company AstroGeneca announced it The cocktail of test drugs against Govit-19 was effective In reducing acute cases and out-of-hospital mortality.

The results have not been evaluated by other scientists or published in the journal Science.

Medicine, is called AZD7442The pharmaceutical company says it has reduced the risk of developing symptomatic patients to a severe form of the disease and death by 50%. The study was followed by about 900 people.

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