March 25, 2023

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In the same room: The perpetrator of the rape is killed by the victim’s brother

Shane beats Robert to death (photo: ad)

His cellmate killed a rapist in Washington, DC. The man accused of killing the detainee was the brother of one of the abusers. The story, which resembles a movie plot, was recreated by Monet Magazine.

Robert Munger, 70, worked at the Airway Heights Correctional Center for 43 years for child abuse, child rape and possession of substance with pedophilia.

Shane Goldsby, 26, was taken to the same prison where Robert was in June 2020, after several prison transfers for engaging in at least 20 physical fights with prison guards. Moreover, the two shared the same cell.

To avenge the rape of his sister, Shane beats Robert to death. The report shows that the rapist was hit 14 times in the head and face, kicked his head four more times and kicked his face a few more times until the jailors came to push him away.

At trial, Shane said it was not accidental that his sister was in the same cell as the abuser, but something the agents had planned. Washington police are protecting professionals who say it was an accident.

Shane was indicted last Tuesday (3) and had his sentence extended to 24 years for killing Robert.

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