March 23, 2023

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In his 15 years in prison, the Palestinian has had 4 children without ever getting out of prison or having a close encounter.

Rafat al-Qarawi (Credit: Breeding)

Palestinian Rafat al-Qarawi was arrested in 2006 on charges of committing acts of terrorism against Israel during the Second Intifada (events marking the outbreak of civil unrest against Palestinian occupation). He said that 15 years after his release, without being released from prison or attending marriage, he had four biological children with his wife. Information from the additional newspaper.

He told local media that this was possible by smuggling his sperm.

“We smuggled the sperm through the canteen. The Palestinian prisoner has the right to give his family five items in one bag. It’s like going to a supermarket and giving your family something like a gift, candy, cookies, juice, honey. ”

Rafat puts his genetic material in these bags, seals them and gives them to Israeli guards who do not carefully check what is in the bags.

“The person who came to get the samples was his mother or his wife. Of course, their names are written on the bag. The family leaves the prison with the bag and goes to Rasan Medical Center for insemination,” Rafat said.


After the story came to light, the Palestinian Media Watch decided to study this technique used by prisoners, and found that 100 children were similarly pregnant.

However, some doctors are skeptical of using this method because the sperm will only last a few minutes outside the human body.

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