March 25, 2023

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In China, millions return to prison due to Delta variant explosion worldwide

Millions of people have returned to prison China From this Monday (2), when the country is trying to control its largest Intense spread of corona virus Over the months, the delta variability in the country worsened as it spread. The widespread use of testing and travel restrictions adds to measures to reverse the Govt epidemic.

With 55 new cases of the corona virus spreading domestically on Monday, the country said the fast-spreading delta variant is affecting more than 20 cities in various provinces. Local governments in major cities, including Beijing, have already tested millions of residents because they isolate residential complexes and isolated contact cases.

August 2, 2021, Health worker collects materials for the Govt-19 test in Zhengzhou, China-Photo: Reuters via Cnsphoto

The city of Zhuzhou in central Hunan province has ordered more than 1.2 million residents to stay indoors for the next three days, while a vaccination and testing campaign is underway across the city, the official announcement said. “The situation is even darker and more complicated,” the Zuzo government said.

The situation in the country came at a time when Beijing was already celebrating its success by reducing domestic cases of Govt-19 to almost zero, with the corona virus first appearing in Wuhan in late 2019.

But that silence was short-lived. With more than 360 domestic cases reported in the past two weeks, the latest eruption is linked to the July 20 eruption in Nanjing, where nine international airport cleaners tested positive.

Focus on the tourist spot

Juzhou is not a tourist destination. As many as 1.5 million residents were detained after an explosion at a theater last Friday (30). Many of the victims were not from the city but may have carried the virus to other parts of the country.

Authorities are urgently looking for those who have recently visited Nanjing or Zhangjiajie and urge tourists not to travel to areas where new cases have been identified.

Meanwhile, Beijing’s peak summer holiday has prevented tourists from entering the capital. Only “essential travelers” with negative tests will be allowed into the city after some cases are discovered among residents returning from Zhangjiajie.

On Sunday, authorities urged residents to “do not leave Beijing.” The Chongqing district in the capital last week packed 41,000 people into nine communities.

New cases were reported Monday in the popular tourist destination of Hainan and in the recently devastated province of Henan.

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