March 27, 2023

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In an open letter, Christina Kirschner urges Argentine President to “respect his word”

A Vice President of Argentina, Christina Kirschner, Published hard Paper Open this Thursday (16), Explains As The difference Such as President Alberto Fernandez.

In a letter posted on her website and on her social media, Christina said she had held 19 work meetings with the president at the Residency de Olivos.

“I pointed out to them that I believe a misguided fiscal adjustment policy is being carried out, which has had a negative impact on economic activity and, therefore, on society as a whole. It will, no doubt, have electoral consequences,” he wrote. “I didn’t say it once … I’m tired of saying it … not just to the president.”

According to her, her response to the “combined claims and visions” was “whenever she did not, she made a mistake” and “(Sunday) election primary victory is guaranteed”.

In the letter, he points out the differences, warning and pointing out press actions that the Vice President has pulled out of the “presidential environment” Juan Pablo Piondi, Spokesperson Of the President.

“I will not continue to tolerate press releases within the presidential environment,” he said, referring to the crisis that began on Wednesday (15) when five ministers and other senior officials made available positions to Fernandez. “I’ll see you there (on Olivos) and not in Gaza Rosada, to avoid any kind of speculation and corporate wear and tear media activities,” she said, “she’s not a liar, she’s a very lowly hypocrite.”

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At the meetings, Christina said she proposed to discuss the “subtle social situation”, which translates to “wage delays, uncontrolled prices – especially for food and medicine – and unemployment”. In this sense, he also pointed out to the President that “there is a lack of efficiency in various parts of the government.”

“As I write these words, I hold the TV without sound, but I read a graphic: ‘Alberto Cristina in the corner’. No, it’s not me.

“After such a failure, do you really believe it is not necessary to restructure your government by respecting your word, President?”, The Vice President asked.

Christina Kirschner, Vice President of Argentina – Photo: Associated Press