March 27, 2023

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Ibovespa crashes in foreign stock markets echoing the new Govt variant; The oil is reduced by more than 10%

SAO PAULO – The growth in the number of cases of the new variant of Govit-19 has brought the epidemic back to market attention at a crucial date for retail. Good Friday. Oh Ibovespa Falling, bringing the gains made in the last three sessions to zero, the impact of international markets. All stocks in the index are traded. Stock markets also went down as did the prices of raw materials, which further aggravated the outlook for important documents in the index.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is monitoring the B.1.1.529 variant identified in South Africa, with cases already pending in Asia and Europe. The WHO says it does not know much about the new strain, but says it does contain a number of mutations from antibody resistance. This may reduce the effect of existing vaccines. Meanwhile, the borders have begun to close again.

Robert Attuch, CEO of Ohmresearch, says: “At least next week the market will see nowhere. We have to wait, “he said.

For Itaú BBA, on a day with low liquidity, the market reaction may increase. Upon return to Thanksgiving vacation in the United States, transactions will only be open part-time. “We hope that it will soon be possible to assume that a new variant will have a major impact on the world economy,” say bank analysts.

According to them, the new strain discovered in South Africa should not change the US Federal Reserve’s plan to reduce stimulus in December. However, the PPA does not support that perspective a Tapping Still accelerated and now went into sleep mode.

In Brazil, there are some relevant indicators for the day, and with PEC dos Precatórios on hold until the Senate vote next week on Tuesday, investors are also following the movement of world optimism.

In addition to the stock markets, commodity prices are also polluted by anxiety and decline. Iron ore fell more than 6% on the Dalian Stock Exchange and oil prices deepened losses. Brent Barrel, which is Petroprose (PETR3;PETR4) Is down 8.92% to R $ 74.89. WTI is down 10.33% at US $ 70.27. It affects the weighted stocks of Index, Petropras and Vale (VALE3), Which has helped in recent days Ibovespa Should approach 106,000 points.

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Here, the moving average of coveted deaths in seven days in Brazil is 217, down 17% from the previous level of 14 days, according to the latest data from the Press Association. 281 people died in a single day.

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The moving average of new cases in seven days was 9,450, which represents a 17% drop compared to the level 14 days ago. In a single day alone, 12,191 cases were registered.

At 12:54 pm (Brasilia time), Ipovespa traded 3.53% lower at 102,080 points. Ibovespa futures for December 2021 traded down 3.79% at 102,395 points.

The dollar will trade up 0.4% to R $ 5,587 on buying and R $ 5,588 on selling; The dollar futures for December 2021 are up 0.27% to R $ 5,585.

In the futures market, DI 18 points for January 2023 are down 11.89%; The DI eight base points for January 2025 were down 11.77%; And the DI for January 2027 is down four basis points to 11.74%.

In New York, the Dow Jones is down 2.5%; The S&P 500 futures were down 1.9% and the Nasdaq futures were down 1.75%.

Stock markets in Europe are melting, falling 3% to 5%, echoing the new variant of the Covit-19. The Stoxx 600 index, which unites companies from key sectors in 17 European countries, fell 3.27%.

Asian stock markets closed with significant declines, with negative highlights Hong Kong and Japan amid fears of the spread of a new variant. A special meeting is scheduled for Friday to discuss the implications of the variation for vaccines and treatments. According to Health Minister Joe Pahla, the variance was found in Hong Kong, which contributes to the poor end of the subsidy.

The Nikkei index was down 2.53%; Shanghai SE, China, fell 0.56%; Hong Cheng in Hong Kong, down 2.67%; South Korea’s Gosby fell 1.47%.

Corporate Radar

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This Friday (26) Corporate News Bango Do Brazil (PPAS3), CCR (CCRO3) And Camil (CAML3)

A new possibility for Telecom Italy, the controller of TIM ([ativo=TIMS]), Also featured. In addition, Electroprose (ELET3;ELET6) Intends to raise R $ 3.5 billion with plans to sell minority shares.

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Petroprose (PETR4;PETR3) The outcome of the case with the CEA will have a positive impact of R $ 132 million in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Bank of Brazil (PPAS3)

Banco do Brazil (PPAS3) agreed to distribute interest on equity (JCP) for a total of R $ 0.17 million R $ 499.3 million per share.

Income will be paid on December 30th of this year based on the shareholder status of December 13th.


CCR (CCRO3) agreed to distribute R $ 153.8 million with a dividend of R $ 0.0761 per share.

Payments will be made on December 15, based on the shareholder status of November 30, 2021.


CAML3 has agreed to pay Interest on Equity (JCP) in the amount of R $ 0.06 per share.

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To receive the return, the investor must have the property by December 1st. Payment will be made on December 13th.

Camille will repurchase 2 million common shares.

Sample Bank (MODL11)

As a result of the recent repurchase of units, the Banco Modal has reported a slight increase in the interest rate on equity per share corresponding to the November 16, 2021 declaration for shareholders, which is now equivalent to R $ 0 .026274. Common and preferred stock (R $ 0.078821 per unit).

The shareholders listed on the company’s shareholding site on November 19, 2021 are entitled to JCP. Approved JCP will be paid from December 1, 2021.

Team (TIMS3)

Private equity funds KKR and CVC Capital Partners are evaluating the possibility of merging into a procurement offer from Telecom Italy, the regulator of Tim Brazil, according to a report in the newspaper Waler.

Inter (BIDI11)

At a meeting on Thursday (25) Inter (BIDI11) approved the institutional restructuring, which received a positive vote of more than 82% of the outstanding shareholders.

The move is aimed at converting Panco Inter SA’s partner base to Interplatform Inc., which is listed on NASDAQ. Within the scope of corporate restructuring, the bank’s shareholder may choose to convert shares into stock receipts (BDRs) or to exercise withdrawal rights with cash receipts (cash out).

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Only holders of the Interim Common Stock will have the right to redemption without hindrance from the close of the trading session on May 24, 2021.

Electroprocess (ELET3; ELET6)

Eletrobras’ Board of Directors (ELET3; ELET6) has approved a plan to sell minority equity interests. The plan is to define the list of shares to be sold by electricity.

The state-owned company plans to achieve sales of R $ 3.5 billion, as provided in the Business and Management Master Plan 2021-2025 (PDNG 2021-2025).

However, Electropross has not disclosed which companies will be part of the stock delisting plan.

In addition, CEEE-T completed the conversion of TSLE shares to CGT Eletrosol. CGT Eletrosul R paid $ 217.5 million to TSLE.

Petroprose (PETR4; PETR3)

Petroprose (PETR4; PETR3) said the outcome of the lawsuit with the Amapá Electric Company (CEA) would have a positive impact of R $ 132 million in the fourth quarter of 2021.


Vale’s Board of Directors (VALE3) Daniel Andre Steeler was approved yesterday (25) as the new member of the committee. Steeler will fill the void left by the resignation of Jose Mauricio Pereira Goyalho.

Find (Rent 3)

Localiza (RENT3) has informed the Executive Council for Economic Security (GATE) that it wants to get rid of the Unidas brand in order to get the agency’s approval for a plan to incorporate the rental company into its business. Valor.

The company also offered to sell 30,000 cars to get a positive verdict from Gaddy.


After canceling the initial public offering (IPO) of the shares in mid-2021, Privalia put the business up for sale in the country, according to Valor’s report.

To this end, the company commissioned Itaú BBA to find buyers. Sources close to Valor say the magazine Luiza, Mercado Livre, Americanas, Renner and Dafiti have already been surveyed by delegates.

Mills (MILS3)

A Mills (MILS3) Yesterday (25) acquired the entire SK Rental Locação de Equipamentos. The move is valued at R $ 89.1 million.

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