December 4, 2022

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Ibanez announced seven flights on the Brasilia/Lima route for March 2023

Posted 11/09/2022 12:44 / Updated 11/09/2022 13:10

DF Governor, Ibaneis Rocha, meets officials at the Palacio do Purity, at the presentation of the new Brasilia/Lima route – (Credit: PAULO H CARVALHO)

The Federal District has a New flight with daily operation From March 2023 on the Brasilia/Lima route. Issued this notice DF Governor, Ibanez Rocha (MDB)This Wednesday morning (9/11), at the Palácio do Buriti.

There will be seven departure and arrival flights between the Peruvian and Brazilian capitals, which will be provided by the company. “I want more flights here to Brasilia,” declared Ibanez.

During the event, the Chief Executive announced that the current Vice Governor of the Federal District, Paco Brito, will take over the Secretariat of International Relations, starting in January 2023. And”, added Ibanez, asking for a new way with Chile.

Paco estimates that the Brasilia/Lima route is in line with the reopening of the economy in DF, as flights were in place before the Covid-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of international routes to avoid a surge in cases worldwide. “This flight is very important for passengers and cargo, because we are going to turn the Federal District into a hub (air distribution center) for cargo and passengers throughout Brazil and South America,” concludes the future secretary. DF International Relations.

Currently, Inframerica – the concessionaire that manages Brasilia Airport – operates 30 international flights per week. In addition to Lima, Brasilia’s direct destinations abroad are Miami, Orlando, Panama City, Lisbon, Cancun and Buenos Aires.

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