March 24, 2023

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I never thought I would do this

Amber, girlfriend The man who threatened Argentina’s vice president was arrested last night Christina Kirchner, the gunman, said yesterday that he didn’t think his partner “could do something like this.”. oh The man responsible for the attack was identified by police as Fernando Sabac Montiel, 35, from Brazil.

According to information from Channel 5 news, In an interview with Telefaee, the woman denied that she knew her boyfriend was going to practice the act, clarifying that they had only been dating for a month.

“I was surprised. I didn’t think he could do something like this. I had friends and none of them caught my eye. [sobre atitudes do Fernando]”, the accused’s girlfriend told Telefaye.

Amber, who works as a street vendor, said she had never seen one before Explosives found by the police in the residence of the accused.

In an interview, the man’s girlfriend and friends also commented on Fernando’s Nazi tattoos and far-right postings on social media. “Tattoos are tattoos and just because they’re Nazis doesn’t mean we’re Nazis.”

Fernando’s wife and friends have also reported receiving threats after the attack on Argentina’s vice president.

Who is the suspect?

The suspect who pointed the gun at the vice president’s head has been identified as 35-year-old Brazilian Fernando Andres Sabac Monteil. According to the newspaper ClarinFernando has been working as an app driver from Argentina since 1993.

According to police information, from the accused’s social media, he has tattoos with Nazi symbols.

On his social networks, which were removed after the attack, he identified himself as Fernando ‘Salim’ Montel and was a follower of groups such as “Satanic Communism” among others “linked to extremism and hatred”, as defined by the portal. La Nazion newspaper of Buenos Aires.

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Photos of Fernando have been featured on news websites and TV stations in Argentina, recalling his recent appearance on the streets of Buenos Aires in a report made by Cronica TV. “Going to work helps,” he says to the camera.

The Brazilian has a history of carrying unusual weapons dated March 17, 2021. At that point, according to the release, a police officer noticed the parked vehicle — a black Prism Chevrolet — was missing a license plate. When Fernando opened the driver’s door to get the documents, a 35-centimeter-long knife fell out. However, he argued that he carried the gun in self-defense.