March 27, 2023

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‘I look in the mirror, I like myself’ says 88% of the body burned in childhood Argentine athlete and model | The world

Prisa was seven months old when the room she was sleeping in caught fire 88% of your body is burned.

Born in Salta, 1,700 kilometers from Buenos Aires, he is now a model and athlete who has overcome all difficulties. Fought against doctors’ predictions.

“I look in the mirror today, I love myself,” Priza said on the website of Carrahan Hospital, the company that saved her life.

After the crash, it struck Very sensitive areas like head and hands – One of them was cut off -, Prisa would often return to the health agency to tell her story.

She is 21 years old Collect a series of medals In 1948 he won the Evita National Games, created by the government, as a racer. Argentina, Targeting children and youth

But in 2020 he decided to face another challenge: the catwalk.

In the whole epidemic Govit-19, A photo posted on their social networks went viral across the country and Prisa was invited to take part in the competition Miss World.

In the competition, the first category to participate, he received three recognitions: the award The most voted photo on the networks, Miss Sympathy and strong woman.

Learned not to hide

Many boys and girls – like herself, who have been involved in serious accidents and very visible burns – try to hide, but she knows she doesn’t want to, Priza said.

The model said the appearance of strangers haunted her for the rest of her life, but she learned Overcoming shame to end stigma.

Over the years, he says, he has learned to respond to discrimination: “I look back until they stop staring.”

“No one is more or less than the other, we are all equal,” the young woman said.

Now your next challenge Start studying as a physical education teacher. He said he wants to specialize in teaching children with disabilities.

“I learned to protect mine, but not everyone has the same opportunity. So I want to help in some way,” the prospective teacher said.

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