December 9, 2022

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Hurry! The reporter is arrested during the live newspaper and everything is broadcast on TV

Successful in the final, Bolsonaro posted a photo of himself already watching the Brazilian team at the SPD.

Copa America began shaping up at the SPD in February, with great success in the final. In the following months, however, Silvio Santos’ station shook the market with the announcement of the competition, displacing the favorite Globo.

However, after the Colombian and Argentine governments refused to hold the rivalry, Conmepol saw Brazil as a solution and the initially forgotten rivalry became the target of political debate due to the SPD’s approach to President Bolsanaro.

Thus, the editorial staff of O Canal completed the final assessment of Copa America in the hands of Argentina.

+ Copa America leads, beating SPD rivals in Ipoh; See numbers

SPD task force to cover up initial pressure and Copa America

In short, as mentioned above, after the match came to Brazil, the SPD began to live with countless attacks on Copa America. However, as it was not yet a major sports center, the Silvio Santos station began preparing reports to defend the competition in Brazil.

In addition, important names such as Benjamin Pack, the host of the channel’s only sports program, used his place to defend the tournament.

Bolsanaro support and sponsorship profits

Of course, in order to have a good relationship with Silvio Santos, Bolzano also posted a photo of himself watching Seleno’s debut at the SPD. However, Silvio Santos saw Copa America lose many sponsors due to the arrival of the competition in Brazil, but he won with other companies such as Haven and Madero.

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Nostalgia for Amarlinho’s arrival and broadcasts

Description and Memories of the Past, SPD has revived its logo: Amarlinho. With a different look, the yellow ball that became popular in the 90s fell in favor of a generation that had not even heard of its existence.

In addition, SBD produced the trophy ‘Amaralinho de Oro’ for the best player in the tournament. However, the broadcast team was disappointed with the decision to defeat Brazil.

Finally, success in the audience

Showing clear signs of evolution, SBD reached the long-awaited lead on the iPod in the Copa America final last Saturday (10).

In this way, Silvio Santos’ station was able to lead Ipoh in Greater Sao Paulo and other states. In addition, SPD showed clear signs of evolution, finishing the semi-final between Argentina x Colombia with a 0.5 point advantage over Globo.

Thus, according to preliminary data obtained by the UOL, the SPD averaged 20.3 points during Argentina’s victory over Brazil. Thus, it surpassed Globo in second place with 19.2.

These data represent the Greater Sao Paulo, which is considered a key audience for the advertising market. In other regions, the SPD also led the audience. In the Federal District, for example, the win was even higher, with Globo scoring 21.5 points against 7.9.