December 8, 2022

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Hurricane Shaheen hits Oman, kills, delays flights | The world

The tropical cyclone hit the Shaheen Center Oman After killing at least three people this Sunday (3). Authorities had already asked residents to evacuate coastal areas and delay flights to the capital Muscat.

The baby, who was dragged into the water, was found dead, the state news agency reported (See more in the video above). According to the agency, two Asian workers were killed when a mountain collapsed in a residential area in an industrial zone by the hurricane. There is also the missing person.

The National Emergency Response Team has announced that power will be cut off in al-Kurm, east of the capital, to prevent accidents. More than 2,700 people are being held in emergency camps.

Most of the five million people in the oil-exporting country live in and around Muscat. Until the storm subsides, authorities have determined that roads in the capital will be open only to vehicles on emergency and humanitarian aid trips.

In the United Arab Emirates, officials said precautionary measures would be taken. Police officers patrolled near beaches and valleys, where heavy rain is expected.

Hurricane Shaheen hit the flooded streets of Muscat, the capital of Oman, on October 3, 2021 – Photo: Sultan Al Hasani / Reuters

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