March 21, 2023

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Hurricane Ida rises to Type 4 world in US

The U.S. National Weather Service said on Sunday (29) that Ida had risen to Type 4, with winds of up to 251 km per hour. The event is expected to touch land in the south of the country this weekend after reaching western Cuba.

Hurricane forecast for “potentially deadly storm surge” off the coast of Louisiana and Mississippi. This warning is for people in the affected areas to follow the advice of local authorities.

Residents in high-risk areas were evacuated and lined up to store supplies before the hurricane hit.

Louisiana declared a state of emergency in anticipation of Hurricane Katrina, which struck the United States on Sunday, 80 years after 80% of New Orleans were flooded, killing more than 1,800 people.

Authorities have already ordered forced evacuations outside protected areas of New Orleans and coastal cities affected by the floods, such as the Grand Isle.

“People are packing up and leaving now,” Grand Isle Police Chief Scooter Resveber told local media.

Declaration of state of emergency, approved by the President Joe Biden, The channel will assist the Southern State to strengthen the sub-federal fund and its emergency readiness and response efforts.

The hurricane hit the coast with Type 1 in western Cuba on Friday night, with a maximum wind gust of 128km / h.

Hurricane Ida approaches Cuba – Photo: Reuters

The island of Idaho in the province of Pinar del Rio, the current epicenter of the island’s corona virus outbreak, has been hit.

On Twitter, Cuban Health Minister Jose Angel Portal warned of a “double threat” this Friday: the weather event in the midst of the most severe moment of the epidemic.

More than 10,000 people were evacuated as a precautionary measure and power was cut off before the storm. In Havana, public transportation stopped at 12:00.

Last week, a rare tropical storm hit the northeast coast of the United States, leaving thousands of residents without electricity, uprooting trees and causing record rains.

Video: Tropical storm Henry hits the northeast coast of the United States

Scientists have warned that the number of strong hurricanes will increase as the ocean surface warms due to climate change, posing a growing threat to the world’s coastal communities.

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