March 29, 2023

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How to visit Sicily with a free night and 50% discount on tickets; Check!

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With the success of the second season of the HBO Max series The White Lotus, the number of tourists in Sicily has increased significantly. Located in southern Italy, this region stands out for its lush beaches, delicious food and amazing historical sites.

With this in mind, a project from the tourist office on the Italian island See Sicily Made an irrevocable offer: a Visit Sicily with a free night at the hotel, a free tour and half off airfare. Even with the bureaucracy, it’s a viable proposition. Learn more below.

How to visit Sicily using the program?

In the show See Sicily, all you have to do is book a Sicily holiday for three nights and then get an extra night free. The package includes airfare with a discount of up to 50%, regardless of the type of flight (international or not) and one of its services of the customer’s choice: excursion, guided tour or diving experience.

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All very attractive, but it involves some bureaucracy. It is important to book three days with an authorized travel agency to get your package in the program. Another option is to do it in a program company, Visit Sicily. On his website, he offers an easy and quick way to book a package.

See Sicily has a list of authorized agencies worldwide that are affiliated with the mission of operating the package. These are commission-based agencies, so it’s important that you do your research thoroughly. Before deciding on one for your booking, research rates between agencies and compare prices.

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Favorable season for traveling with promotion should also be considered. The offer is only valid until September, and July and August are the most popular months in Europe as it’s summer, so for many people the promotion won’t be active for two months. So, be careful with the dates to get the most dreamy Sicilian tour!

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