March 21, 2023

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How horrible! The details of the moment the mother-in-law fell from the cliff in Turkey are known

What a tragedy! A young man recorded the exact moment his mother-in-law fell from a 70-meter cliff. According to the Daily Mail last Friday (30), the accident happened when the family was walking through a forest outside the village of Debekov in the mountains of Turkey. The pictures recorded by Kadir Sahinar show the frustration of everyone present when they realized that the woman was falling.

In the video, the boy begins to admire the landscape and record the surrounding nature. Suddenly, in a very quick way, his 71-year-old mother-in-law Bumble Kardemir stumbled on the wrong foot while looking down, losing balance and experiencing a fall. An old woman stumbled over a rock and, after a while, was upside down on the edge of the cliff. The entire incident took place around 6pm local time (Brasilia time 6am).

A 71-year-old woman fell from a rock and died. (Photo: Reproduction)

Bumble’s husband, Mohamed Kardemir, was accompanied by daughter Ayla and granddaughter Seren at the time. In the record, you can even hear the old woman say to her mother, “Don’t go” as she approaches the edge of the cliff. Police and paramedics were called in for the incident, but unfortunately the victim did not survive. His body was found after an hour-long search.

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Bumble was taken for autopsy at a public hospital in the town of Chavsat. She was buried on Friday and buried in a cemetery in the village of Tebekov. People gathered after the burial to pay tribute to the woman’s relatives. Authorities have not released whether to launch an investigation into the case. [ATENÇÃO: CENAS FORTES] Look at the moment of fall:

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