March 30, 2023

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Horror video shows a coyote attacking a baby on an American beach – Monet

Coyote attacks a baby on the beach in the United States (Photo: Breeding)

Meryl Streep received one of her 21 Oscar nominations for ‘A Cry in the Dark’, a film in which a mother has to prove her innocence when she is blamed for the death of her daughter who was attacked by a dingo. Wild canine was discovered in Australia. Inspired by the true story of Lindy Chamberlain Creighton, the film is not only shocking to imagine the beast’s violent attack, but a viral video on the network shows a coyote being severely attacked on an American beach. But fortunately, in this case, the animal’s lungs were not dangerous.

Huntington Beach, California (Photo: Breeding Twitter)

Huntington Beach, California (Photo: Breeding Twitter)

When a child was attacked by a coyote on a southern California beach, two adults who had forgotten the attack were just yards away when the shocking scenes of cameras mounted on the beach captured the terrifying moment of the action of the surfers. The animal, also known as the grass wolf and a common coyote, struck the face of a little girl who was playing near the water at Huntington Beach and immediately hit the ground, according to a video obtained by the network. KMPH.

With the baby on the ground, the animal begins to roll its body from side to side, until it loads its body into the dominant position, one of the most common in regional conflicts of these animals. Meanwhile – this is the most shocking detail pointed out by incredible netizens on social media – the two adults watched the waves collide. After about 14 seconds – which seems like an eternity – the woman turns her head, notices the attack and scares the beast.

Sam Neil and Meryl Streep in Cry in the Dark (Photo: Advertising)

Sam Neil and Meryl Streep in Cry in the Dark (Photo: Advertising)

The child was taken to a hospital where he is expected to recover from serious but life-threatening injuries, the company said. Police later killed two coyotes on Orange County Beach, but police said the corpse that attacked the young woman was not among them. KABC-TV.

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