March 29, 2023

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Hero: Dad saves two-year-old daughter’s life by throwing himself in front of deadly snake – Hour 7

Summary of news

  • A father saved his daughter’s life after encountering a brown snake.
  • The animal entered the garage where the two-year-old child was playing.
  • Jack threw himself in front of the snake and grabbed his daughter, and received a bite on his leg.
  • Lucky for him, the snake didn’t release the most deadly venom in its bite.

Jack was hailed as a hero after saving his two-year-old daughter from a brown snake
Editing/R7 (Reproduction/Jake Coombe and Peter Woodard/Public Domain)

A father later ended up in the hospital An act of valor and courage. Jack Coombe was playing with his two-year-old daughter in the garage when a brown snake (Pseudonaja textiles) – considered the second serpent With deadly poison The world – enters the room and prepares to bite her.

Jake pushed Child assaultBut a stick in the leg could not be avoided.

The father, who lives in Adelaide, Australia, told The Messenger website that he “felt something was wrong” and then began searching for his daughter at home. walk around with family.

It was there that he found the predator facing the couple’s daughter, Alba. “Maybe if Alpha had taken it it would have been a different story [a cobra]. Of course I’m better than her,” Jack told The Messenger.

Fortunately for Jake, the snake took a non-venomous bite who saved his life. As a precaution, he remained under observation at the hospital overnight.

for that A brave actJake was called a “hero” on Facebook, where he shared his story and photo of his time in the hospital.

Studies show that the brown snake is responsible for 60% of human deaths from snake envenomation in Australia.

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