December 8, 2022

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Halo Infinite co-op will not launch in May as planned •

Halo Infinite co-op will not launch in May as planned •

Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries says it needs “more time” to work on the co-op campaign and Forge, and co-op missions won’t be available in May as hoped.

The team was keen to stress that while it was making “significant progress in campaign network collaboration” and that work on this and Forge was “happening in parallel with Season Two,” “the reality is that it will take more time to get a high-quality, full-featured network co-op experience.” for four players in the massive and wide-open world of Halo Infinite.”

“We’re also committed to a great split-screen co-op experience on all Xbox consoles, from the original Xbox One to Xbox One Series X — and the campaign’s wide-open, non-linear sections present some of the big split-screen challenges that have taken us further. Time to solve it,” posted on road aura explains.

“All of this means that we won’t be able to ship the campaign network co-op on May 3, at the start of Season 2. But we’re still aiming to bring the campaign network co-op later in Season 2, and we’ll be sharing the release date for that and for the split-screen co-op as quickly as possible.”

However, the 343i still “has the goal of ‘charging Forge with Season Three'”.

343 Industries also identified three main axes for the team moving forward. In order of priority, they are: addressing issues that negatively affect the player’s experience; Complete and deliver Season 2 as promised on May 3, and finally continue working on the co-op campaign, Forge, and Season 3.

There is also “zero priority” as well.

“This underpins everything we do, namely: team health, with a focus on bringing ourselves into the rhythm of sustainable development so that we can deliver great experiences to all of you while maintaining a healthy work-life balance,” the team added.

“Zero priority means that sometimes we need to move slower so that we can move faster later,” she adds. “Honestly, the past few months have been slower than we expected, and we sincerely thank you for your patience as we stick to the above priorities.”

In other Halo news, Microsoft confirmed it recently Halo Infinite has enjoyed the biggest launch in series history with over 20 million players And rumors say, support the studio Affinity may be working on a new game mode for Halo Infinite.

343 industries is Still working on improving the shooterand last month covered “topics of interest”, desync and “the overall online experience”.

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