March 27, 2023

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Haiti has announced the arrest of the mastermind behind the alleged assassination of President Joanel Moss

PUERTO PRÍNCIPE – Haitian authorities announced the arrest of a suspected mastermind on Sunday night. Assassination of President Joanel Moyes, Last 7th. Christian Emmanuel Sanon, a Haitian doctor living in Florida, is reportedly planning to become president of the Caribbean, National Police Director Leon Charles said in a statement to the press.

Sanon, 63, is the third person arrested for alleged links to the United States. However, it is not clear whether he will be an American citizen like the other two. Among the detainees are 18 Colombian civilians, most of them ex-servicemen.

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Speaking late Sunday, Charles said he believed the doctor had played a key role in Moss’ death, adding that the shooting inside the official residence had led to a month-long political crisis and created a power vacuum in the country.

– When [a polícia] The robbers’ progress was thwarted when their first caller, Emmanuel Sanon-Charles, said police were investigating two intellectual writers who were allegedly murdered, who had been in contact with Sanon but had not released their identities.

Among those arrested were six Colombians and two U.S. residents. In all, 17 suspects were arrested in connection with the assassination of President Joanel Moss

According to the official, Sanon contacted a private security company to hire people to “do this.” The company is CDU, a US-based Venezuelan company.

The doctor reportedly landed in Haiti in June on a private plane with “political motives” and his safety was guaranteed with Colombian mercenaries. Later, “the task changed” and one of the Colombians reportedly issued an arrest warrant against the Haitian president:

“The primary purpose given to the perpetrators was to protect a man named Emmanuel Sanon, but that changed,” Charles said, adding that the man’s goal was to become president, the New York Times reported.

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Sources said the police officer was a doctor who was one of the Colombian suspects who was contacted after his detention. During a search of his home, the DEA found a box of ammunition, two vehicles, six pistol holders, about 20 boxes of ammunition and four Dominican Republic license plates, officials said.

According to witness accounts and footage around the presidential residence, the men who allegedly killed Moses entered the house claiming to be part of a DEA operation. However, the company says it has nothing to do with what happened.

Haitian police also said Sunday that they had taken “precautionary measures” against those responsible for Moisin’s security, amid suspicions that some of them were complicit in the killings. Investigators analyze the information to determine the “level of involvement of each”.

The next step, Charles said, was to find out who funded the move. Opposition politicians have challenged the police version of the crime, claiming that Colombia’s relatives went to Haiti to serve as security guards for the wealthy. According to one version, Moise would have safely hired Colombians.

This Sunday, the Pentagon said it would send a team of FBI and Homeland Security agents to investigate. On Saturday, Washington rejected a request by the Haitian interim government to send troops to help secure key facilities in the country’s infrastructure.

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18Oh Colombian prisoner

Clement Noel, a judge who questioned the two Haitian Americans arrested last week, said they were not on campus at the time of the assassination and were only working as translators for the group that killed the president. They reportedly met the other group at a hotel in Bettenville, a suburb of Port-au-Prince.

Both said the purpose was not to kill the president but to take him to the presidential palace. However, it is not clear what the ultimate goal will be.

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One of the detained Haitian-Americans, James Solages, 35, worked as a security guard at the Canadian embassy in Haiti in 2010. Solages, a naturalized American citizen, lived near Fort Lauderdale, Tamarak, Florida, and public records show no criminal record. He has a security officer’s license and a gun license. The other person was identified as 55-year-old Joseph Vincent.

The 18Oh The Colombian man to be detained was arrested this Sunday, Colombia’s El Timbo newspaper reported. Gerson Mendeleev James, 42, is a former soldier, most of the other suspects. Among them are a retired colonel and a former member of the urban counterterrorism force.

Three other Colombians were killed in a gun battle with police on Tuesday and Wednesday. In total, they believe 26 Colombians are involved in the operation. (With information from El Timbo)

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