April 1, 2023

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Haiti calls on US, UN to send troops to strengthen national security National newspaper

The Haitian government has asked the United States and the United Nations to send troops to strengthen security in the region following the assassination of the president. Political uncertainty further increased the waves of violence in the country.

This Saturday (10), hundreds of Haitians went to the US embassy in the capital, Port-au-Prince, hoping to get a humanitarian visa to leave the country.

Even before this week’s assassination of President Joanel Moyes, Haiti was experiencing the worst crisis in years: a wave of armed violence on the streets has killed nearly 300 people this year; A humanitarian crisis exacerbated by an epidemic in which no vaccine has yet been used; A major political upheaval, which deepened when Mois dissolved Congress more than a year ago and came to power through Fiat.

Traditionally the head of the Supreme Court would fill the presidency, but the judge died last month. Now, Two men demand power: Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph and Prime Minister Ariel Henry, who was appointed by the President a few days before his assassination, will take office this week.

On Friday, a group of lawmakers recognized weak Senate President Joseph Lambert as president and Henry as prime minister in defiance of the interim government.

The United States has no plans to provide military assistance at this time. But the White House has announced that the FBI will send US Federal Police and Homeland Security officials to help with the investigation. Oh The US government also defended the election in Haiti later this year.

Until now, Twenty suspects have been arrested and authorities are still searching for the five fugitives. The motive for the murder has not yet been released.