February 8, 2023

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Hague court rejects fraudsters’ request to prosecute Evo Morales for crimes against humanity

The roadblocks came after Bolivia’s coup government tried to postpone the country’s presidential election.

247 – The International Criminal Court (ICC) on Monday rejected a request by the Bolivian coup government, which took charge on Monday, January 14, 2019, to prosecute former President Evo Morales and organizers of a roadblock. The Pushkists accused the protesters, organized by the leader of the Bolivian left and the central Opera Boliviana (CUT of the country), of crimes against humanity.

The roadblocks followed an attempt by conspirators to postpone the country’s presidential election. The Jeanine ez government has accused the government of deliberately blocking the flow of emergency supplies to hospitals, claiming that 40 corona virus patients have died as a result of protests against the abuses of coup plotters.

Kareem Khan, the Hague court’s chief prosecutor, said the case was not within the jurisdiction of the Hague court and would not launch a formal investigation. “The criteria set out in Rome law to open a trial have not been met,” Khan said in a statement. “The alleged behavior does not satisfy the situational elements of the crimes against humanity,” he said.

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