February 8, 2023

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Grey’s Anatomy author says she lied about personal tragedy

TV writer Elizabeth Finch has admitted she made up lies about her own tragedies to boost herself professionally. He has been part of the creative team of the series since 2015. “Grey Body” (ABC).

Finch gained notoriety among fans of the show for allegedly incorporating tragic personal experiences into her work on the show. Among these experiences, the fight against cancer and his brother’s suicide – all are now denied.

“I never had any kind of cancer. I lied at 34 and it was the biggest mistake of my life. It just grew bigger and bigger inside me. What I did was wrong. It’s unacceptable. It’s sick,” the screenwriter testified to The Angler. .

Brother Finch, who claimed suicide in 2019, is actually alive and working as a doctor in the state of Florida. She also attributes her mental health problems to the “psychological terror” inflicted on her as a child.

“I lied and made things up because I needed support and care, that’s how I did it. I know what I did was completely wrong. I lied, there was no reason for it. But there was an environment for it,” he argued. .

“When experiencing a level of trauma, many people adopt the wrong coping mechanism. Some drink, some cut themselves; I lied. That was my coping mechanism and I felt safe, seen and heard”, concluded the screenwriter.

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