January 30, 2023

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Govt vaccines: US announces new donation to Brazil

  • Mariana Sanchez – @mariana_sances
  • From BBC News Brazil in Washington

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Over the next 15 days, the United States will have to deliver direct vaccines against Covit-19 to Brazil. Those involved in the talks told BBC News Brazil that at this time the manufacturer and the quantities given have not yet been defined by US officials and they have not formally announced the donation.

But it is already known that the immunizing agent must come from Pfizer or Johnson, two vaccines that Americans have and have already been published to apply to the population, by the Brazilian health watchdog Anvisa and Americans. FDA.

Americans have about 60 million doses of Astrogenega-Oxford in stock, awaiting FDA approval to be sent overseas by the White House.

If implemented, the new ship would be the second largest donation of vaccines from Americans to Brazil. Johnson’s first, 3 million dose, Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine, announced at the end of June, is, to date, the largest U.S. donation to a country.

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New vaccines donated by the United States to Brazil are available from Jansen or Pfizer

After nearly 70% of its population is vaccinated with at least a single dose, the United States is rapidly moving China into what is known as “vaccine diplomacy.”

Prior to the news, Juan Gonzalez, a consultant to the White House in Latin America, lamented, “We will carry out (donations) without conditions.” Size talks include the presidents’ offices of the two countries, national health agencies and diplomacy from both sides.

Thanks for the letter from Bolzano

On July 4, Brazilian President Jair Bolsanaro (a non-partisan) sent a letter to US President Democrat Joe Biden on the eve of US Independence Day, in which he congratulated the country on the date and thanked Brazil for sending the measurements.

The two leaders have not yet spoken on the phone, but this is the fourth letter sent by Polsonaro Biden, one of the world’s leaders, to acknowledge the Democratic Party’s electoral victory over his ally, Republican Donald Trump.

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A few days ago, Biden received a letter of thanks from Jair Bolsonaro for sending him a 3 million dose from Johnson.

This week, countries like Bolivia and Paraguay in South America will receive 1 million doses of US vaccines. Colombia and Ecuador are also included.

In the case of Brazil, in addition to the country’s political significance in the region, the severity of the Brazilian health condition, which is already more than 520,000 deaths per covit-19, is the second highest death toll in the region, weighed in on the decision to make a second donation. The world.

Since February, Itamarti has asked the United States for quantities. Initially, Brazil tried to negotiate to buy more U.S. immunization agents, which has not proven to be feasible.

Donations were also considered through the Kovacs facility, the World Health Organization’s global vaccination consortium, and a portion of the US $ 25 million would have to be allocated by Kovacs, but the solution proved problematic in the rapid distribution between different countries. Therefore, Americans have opted for bilateral donations.

The new donation must be withdrawn by Brazil in US territory. Azul Linhas Areas or the Brazilian Air Force is responsible for transportation.

In September, Americans also indicated that they could reconsider the fate of the 20 million doses originally sent to the Kovacs facility.

Distribution problems in the federation could lead to the loss of the validity period of immunization agents and Brazil has already put forward itself as a candidate to keep at least some time limit close to the expiration date.

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