March 23, 2023

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Govt: Advertising sparks controversy with ‘shocking’ patient film in Australia | The world

Government advertising Australia The strong images of a young woman suffering as a result of Govt-19 sparked criticism about the vaccine.

The ad shows a woman in a hospital bed drowning in the air when she inhales a respirator. (Watch the video above).

The following message concludes the video: “Covit-19 can infect anyone. Stay home. Get tested. Plan your vaccinations.”

Critics say the ad, which seeks to promote the vaccine, is unfairly targeting young people Vaccines will only be available to those under 40 at the end of this year..

The ad only runs in Sydney, which has been experiencing an explosion of delta variation and is in its third week of locking up.

Video: Australia records 1st death from local pollution from Govt-19

Video: Australia records 1st death from local pollution from Govt-19

Authorities registered 112 new cases on Monday (12), bringing the total to more than 700 cases since the variance was first detected in mid-June.

The ad release is part of a larger vaccination campaign launched on Sunday, “Arm Yourself”.

“It’s absolutely dangerous to run an ad like this when Australians under this age are still waiting for their footage,” Australian journalist Hugh Remindon wrote on Twitter.

Some health experts have called the video “airborne” and asked it to be taken off the air.

However, the government defended the campaign. Paul Kelly, Australia’s director of health, said the aim was to be transparent in “getting the message across” Need to stay home, schedule testing and vaccinations.

“We are only doing this because of the situation in Sydney,” he said.

A lot of government advertising running in Australia is shared online – Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

On Sunday, officials in Australia’s largest city recorded the first death in the blast – He was the first dangerous victim of Govt-19 to be contracted domestically in the country throughout the year.

The Sydney outbreak has sparked widespread criticism of the federal government’s vaccination program – which began in February, but was compromised by mixed public health reports about Pfizer’s shortage of vaccines, government complacency and the dangers of AstraZeneca’s vaccine.

Only about 26% of Australia’s population has the first dose of the Covit-19 vaccine. According to data collected as of July 11, about 10% of Australians are fully vaccinated.

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