December 8, 2022

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Governments of European countries impose restrictions due to the progress of Omigran | National newspaper

Many European governments have imposed restrictions Da Omigron. A Concern over the new variation has postponed one of the world’s major political events: The World Economic Forum Davos, On Switzerland, Which always happens at the beginning of the year. Now it will be in the middle of next year.

A Switzerland Further Announced, This Monday (20) Restrictions on those who have not been vaccinated. Bars and restaurants, for example, allow only those who can prove they have been vaccinated. At Holland, This Monday (20) is the first business day of the new lock announced by the government. And this is a real lock. Shops, restaurants, bars, theaters, cinemas and museums are closed.

It The Dutch government ruled that it could receive only two guests Home – except Christmas, when the limit is four people.

Germany announced restrictions on coming from certain countries over the weekend France And Denmark. But there are drastic measures for those who leave it United Kingdom. Only German citizens or residents of the country can enter. Even so, you should be isolated for two weeks.

Govt cases United KingdomThe Are creating record in a row. On the other hand, even those with a booster dose. More than half of people over the age of 12 have already received a booster. This moment is an awareness call, but vaccines do their job. Deaths are also declining.

At the time, open-air meetings were allowed only between two persons and with detachment. Officials argued that the work meeting could be over, but there was a laptop, a piece of paper, nothing on the table. The wine was in the bottle.

“Is this a normal government workshop on cheeses and wines, Prime Minister?” Asked a reporter.

Boris Johnson said they were just talking about work in the workplace.

The bad old “Do what I say, but not what I do” shook the British government at another important moment in the epidemic.