December 8, 2022

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Glenn Greenwald criticized the Australian government after Djokovic was deported

The accepted policy is not health, but politics, says the journalist: the danger of social decay

247 – Glenn Greenwald, a journalist who has edited The Intercept website for years, distributed his newsletter this Sunday in which he slammed the Australian government for deporting Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic. “Please note that the Australian Government did not claim that Djokovic was a threat to public health due to the risk of COVID spreading during his deportation. Djokovic’s statement in April 2020 was the justification presented to him by Immigration Minister Alex Hawk, who had not been vaccinated, had his visa revoked and deported. Vaccines and skepticism about being in Australia.An ‘icon’ of personal preference promotes social disorder and anti-vaccine sentiment Stimulating, “Glenn wrote.

“In other words, the policy adopted by the Australian government and established by its justice system (their hands are often tied because of the absolute power of the government) can prevent anyone who has ever had any doubts about vaccines in general, or the Govt vaccine in particular, from entering the country and spreading the virus to others to earn a living. Despite the government’s acknowledgment that there is no threat to public health, immigration and civil rights activists in the country are warning of the grave dangers this paradigm poses to all, “the journalist added.

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