October 5, 2022

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Giants Training Camp, Week 2: 6 ups and 3 downs

Giants Training Camp, Week 2: 6 ups and 3 downs

The New York Giants Now going through two weeks of training camp and turning towards pre-season, which starts on Thursday against New England Patriots.


Jeremiah Hall and Andre Miller – I’m shoving the two unoccupied rookie ends together because the padded practices and a Fan Fest brawl make it look like they’ve caught the attention of the coaching staff, and that they might be vying for the same roster spot.

both hall, Who did you talk to recently?, and Miller are getting first-team delegates in recent days. Remarkably, these first-team delegates generally come in at full-back. You would think that Hall, who played as a defender for two years in Oklahoma, would have an advantage in this role over Miller, a converted wide receiver. Despite this, Miller did get a 1-yard touchdown pass from Daniel Jones as he ran off the field during the cheerleader.

Both players are worth watching.

Darrian Beavers The Giants drafted beavers in the sixth round after drafting Micah McFadden in the fifth round. However, it is the Beavers who continue to appear in the background. Remarkably, he did it in exchange for a run and a pass.

Joshua Izudo – The third round of North Carolina State is unlikely to get a starting job, unless there is a major injury along the offensive line. However, its importance to the giants seems to be increasing. Ezeudu worked on both the tackle points and the left keeper and probably got some right keeper reps though I don’t remember seeing any, if he didn’t he would probably follow through on hitting Marcus McKethan.

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With Matt Juno leaving the team with a career-threatening neck injury, Izudo is now the swing tackle. In fact, he is probably the first offensive lineman to come off the bench should he sustain an injury.

Kenny Golladay – The high paying wide receiver had an excellent week of training. He was an amazing Wednesday, delivering the kinds of plays that made the organization want to bring him on a year ago. Perhaps the off-season work he did with Daniel Jones and the fact that Golladay was able to train every day in training camp is starting to pay off.

Colin Johnson – Don’t overlook this recipient for the third year in the fight on the slates for this position. He’s made a lot of plays over the past week, including a long pass from Tyrod Taylor on Friday night. He has the size and the ability to take to the court, do the speeds, and experience the special teams.

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Darius Slayton – Every time I talk about the idea that a fourth-year receiver might be in danger of not making the list, some of you want to chase me. However, it is time for you to start believing your eyes. Slayton worked almost exclusively with the third team during Friday’s cheerleading, and didn’t make any plays that would make the coaching staff want to push him to the top of the depth chart.

He has speed. It has had success in the past. My stance at the start of bootcamp was that Slayton needed to be a top player in camp, and he needed to force Brian Dabol and co. to keep him in place. So far, this has not happened. Johnson, CJ Board, Ritchie James, and even David Sales were better. There is still time and opportunity for Slayton, but he has to do better.

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offensive line depth Juno was forced to leave the team and McKitthan’s injury limited options in front of a group where there were already serious question marks.

Quincy Roche – I still feel like Roach makes the team, but both Elerson Smith and Oshane Ximines have put in more great performances so far. It looks like Roach needs to appear in pre-season games.