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Ghost cat? Feline reappears a few days after cremation and scares family |

Rachel, with her husband and kitten rose from the ashes

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Posted on 06/19/2021 19:49 | Updated 06/19/2021 20:02

The family of British Rachel Fitzgerald had an experience, at least, of interest. It all started on May 19, when his 16-year-old kitten, Frankie, went missing and he left the family in despair.

Rachel and her husband, along with their two children, searched for Frankie everywhere in Warrington, England. After a few days of searching, without any trace of the beloved animal, the Highway Agency team found the dead cat on the road and took it to the vet, the family was told.

All of the cats’ traits matched the qualities of the Fitzgerald family pet: “The points matched him, we lived near the highway, so we were sure it was him,” Rachel told the BBC. Professionals tried to officially identify the pet by microchip, but that was not possible, due to the severity of the injuries.

To make sure the cat was actually Frankie, without much of the pet’s body to identify it, the family followed their wishes and arranged a farewell ceremony for the much-loved pet, who would be cremated.

What seemed like a tough farewell has already turned into a ghost movie story. A few days passed, and no one but Frankie appeared on the doorstep, so that his bodyguards were completely lost.

The cat, who observed their grief, said goodbye right there. “Then he came back, weak and hungry but alive. We were all crying, we were still in shock! He was so lucky!” Rachel declared.

We cremated someone else’s cat! The family spent. “We want to know which pet was cremated,” Frankie’s teacher concluded. Despite discovering that the cremated cat does not belong to the family, without knowing who their real guardians are, the pet’s bones are still there, as they are. Unbeknownst to him, he is a small animal and deserves all the corps he has received, receiving an occasional visit from the real Frankie.

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