February 7, 2023

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Germany, US discuss sending tanks to Ukraine

German Defense Minister Meets US Secretary of State to Strategize Arms Shipments

Germany’s newly appointed Defense Minister Boris Pistorius met US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin this Thursday (19.Jan.2023) to discuss the deployment of tanks to Ukraine and the Allied Action Plan. . According to one source Reuters In the German government, there is a tendency for the country to approve exports.

However, the US maintains its stance against the German request, which has said it will send tanks until the North Americans do the same, and argues that the country’s models are inadequate in the context due to the complexity of the deployment. operation and the difficulty with which Ukrainian troops had to deal with them.

Sample tanks leopard, In turn, can Cross the border of Poland and reach Ukraine. The Polish government and Finland have prepared to surrender their units to Kiev, but these steps depend on German consent to keep the weapons technology.

Before the meeting, Austin praised the German government for all its support to the Ukrainians. “Germany remains one of our most important partners… I want to thank the German government for everything it has done to strengthen Ukrainian security”The secretary announced without mentioning the issue of tanks.

“Together with our partners, we will continue to support Ukraine’s struggle for independence and territorial sovereignty.”Pistorius said within hours of being sworn in as Defense Minister.

The 2 ministers will meet again on Friday (20.jan), this time at the Ramstein air base in Germany, in a meeting with representatives of more than 50 countries to discuss the military alliance’s next steps.

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On Wednesday (Jan 18) General Secretary NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation), Jens Stoltenberg, raised the tone on the need. Deployment of heavy weapons Stop the war with the Russians. “We are at a critical stage of the war and we need a significant increase in support for Ukraine”Stoltenberg said.

The new German minister

Boris Pistorius, 62, was sworn in as German Defense Minister this Thursday (19.jan). He has been the target of criticism over his ability to lead Germany’s actions in the face of war in Ukraine after Christine Lambrecht submitted her resignation to government leader Olaf Scholz on Monday (16.jan).

Pistorius belongs to the German Chancellor’s party, the Social Democratic Party (SPD). Before taking office, the new minister was the head of the Ministry of the Interior of Lower Saxony, a position he has held since 2013.