March 27, 2023

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Germany sets new record for Covid-19 cases in 24 hours; Merkel says the situation is dramatic

SAO PAULO – Germany set a new daily record for Kovit-19 cases this Tuesday (16). The country recorded 52,826 infections, 13,000 more than the previous week, with an additional 294 deaths in 24 hours. Information from the Robert Koch Institute, the local agency responsible for disease control and prevention.

The German government’s decision is that cases often occur among people who have not been vaccinated. In the country, about 67.1% of the population is already vaccinated and a total of 98,274 people are affected by the disease.

Chancellor Angela Merkel said the situation was “dramatic” and called for more immunizations for those who had not been vaccinated, and called for more efforts to distribute booster doses.

“It’s not too late to choose the first vaccine,” Merkel told the German Mayors’ Congress. “Everyone who is vaccinated protects themselves and others. If enough people are vaccinated, it is a way to get rid of the infection, ”he added.

Online, Health Minister Jens Spann urged doctors to wait at least six months before giving patients booster vaccines.

This Thursday (18), the governors of 16 German states will meet to discuss solutions and take new steps to announce the progress of the new wave.

According to German broadcaster Tagesschau, data from several federal states indicate a significantly higher incidence of new infections among the unvaccinated population than among those with full vaccine coverage.

In parallel, officials in neighboring Austria said passengers coming from Germany should present a negative PCR test when entering the country. Until then, faster and cheaper test results were allowed.

It is worth remembering that Europe is going through a difficult time with regard to epidemics. Hans Glக்ck, director of the World Health Organization (WHO) for Europe, said the region was once again the epicenter of the epidemic.

Cluj told a news conference that the rate of spread was very high in the European camp countries. “If we had the path, half a million more could have died by February.”

In addition Russia, for example, has reached a new death record By Kovit-19 on the same day last week, even under strict rules to control infections.

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