March 25, 2023

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Germany begins sentencing a 100-year-old man who worked in a Nazi concentration camp

Berlin – a test A 100-year-old man who worked as a concentration camp guard Nazi from Sachsenhausen near Berlin, Germany. Despite his mature age, Joseph Schutz, a former corporate member of the SS’s “Dodenkop” division, was required to appear in person at all hearings.

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The case is being heard in the state court of Nurepen in Brandenburg, East Germany. The culprit, who used Walker, hid his face from the press with the help of a blue folder.

Case in point, it was Presented in February, Points out that between 1942 and 1945 he was an “accomplice to death” of 3,518 prisoners in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, where the former corporal worked. He also claims to have “materially and intentionally” contributed to the ex-guard’s murder.

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According to the complaint, the accused was involved in the shooting deaths of Soviet prisoners of war, in addition to being complicit in the gas chamber killings. Other camp inmates may have lost their lives “by creating and maintaining conditions hostile to existence.”

Built in 1936, Sachenhausen carried out the first experiments to massacre prisoners in gas chambers. It is estimated that by 1945 up to 200,000 people were forcibly deported, including political opponents, Jews and homosexuals.

Sachsenhausen concentration camp, Germany Photo: Reproduction / intagram / @sachsenhausenmemorial

Nazi crimes

German justice has no time to hold people accountable for Nazi crimes. Many have died, but there are currently 17 cases pending, and none of the accused are under 95 years of age.

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